Fashion tips to look taller and slimmer

Fashion tips to look taller and slimmer. | pexels

The fashion tips to look taller and slimmer there are never too many, because although we love to see the styles that are trending on social networks, the reality is that most of us have marked curves and height is not our forte.

Surely you know exceptions to the rule but if you are one of those who, like me, sees beautiful things and does not use them for fear that they will not look good on you, we have the solution. with some details such as accessories, the right cuts and the right tones, You can renew several of your outfits giving them a modern touch and also looking extremely charming.

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They say that “Fashion, what fits you” and that is precisely what we will do, because beyond fleeing from the Actual trendsthe key is to adapt them to your figure to look your best and an expert suggests how to do it.

The fashion designer and consultant Ivonne Peraldi shared several suggestions that they will help you look sophisticated, elegant and fresh this season and here we have them for you, take note:

The loose garments

Surely you have seen them in various influencers, shop windows and in your favorite stores but you feel that by wearing them you will look even bigger. The key? Use a belt to help you define your waist, fashion is not your enemy.

The “V” Effect

If what worries you is your face, make it look more stylized and sharp with the “v” effect, you can choose garments with a “v” neckline or create it with long accessories such as multiple necklaces and chains.

The length of dresses and skirts

If what you want is to look a little taller, the key in fashion is to show a little of your lower leg, for this it is best to opt for dresses and skirts that reach above your knee.

The colors at the top

Curvy girls have broad shoulders and light colors highlight it, so opt for use in your upper garments dark tones to create the illusion of being slimmer.

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