Fall: Makeup Styles You Must Try

Autumn is already felt, it is cold, you feel the fresh air, the dry leaves are falling and they sound amazing. With this new season come new fall makeup styles, a trans-seasonal wardrobe and the perfect excuse to start snuggling with your favorite candles and a glass of red. Also think about the costumes for the Day of the Dead.

But first, beauty, you must first hydrate your skin more, because with the cold it dries upDrink more water, tea is a good option to keep you warm and hydrate, eat more citrus and also a hair treatment. Your face should have more hydration, a serum is ideal and do not forget sunscreen, you always have to put it on even if it is cloudy.

According to Max Factor one of the nail makeup firms sold, among the styles are rosy cheeks, earth tone lids, velvety lips and eyeliner are the most incredible trends for you to try and dive into fall.

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Pink blush

It’s officially cozy season and we’ll be wrapped in knits until further notice. But, in addition to putting on all the items in our wardrobe, we are also thinking about how to warm our sun-hungry complexions during the winter months. The answer? A pale pink blush.

Makeup is amazing in the fall

To enhance a fall complexion, dip a conical blush brush in Crème Puff Blush. Remove excess pigment to avoid overloading the brush, then look in a mirror and smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks. Run the brush directly over the roundest part of her cheek, then lightly blend up and out in the direction of her temples. Radiance-boosting blush pigments will catch the light, creating an internally lit glow from all angles.

Earth colored eyelids

According to Max Factor deep, earthy brown, it might be the only eyeshadow shade that suits all skin tones. and it’s versatile enough to be worn as a light, neutral color tone during the day or turned into a 90s-inspired smokey eye at night. If you’re fair-skinned, go for a mink-toned brown, go for a rust-toned brown on medium to olive skin, or go a hint of deep cappuccino brown if you have a deeper complexion.

You’ll find each of these shades in the Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette at Cappuccino Nudes, and all it takes is one sweep to achieve the earth-toned fall look that has taken over the runway. First, choose your most flattering shade from the palette. Then, using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply it all over the eyelid, buffing the crease and blending up to the brow bone to create a cloud shape.

Finally, use an eyeliner brush to slightly smudge the shadow along the lower lash line, before adding your favorite eyeliner and mascara. It’s the easiest and most stylish eye trend out there.

Velvet lips

A velvety-textured smooth lipstick in a brown-toned nude shade has the beauty of a ’90s supermodel written all over it. Get the look with the perfect preparation. To create a smooth canvas for lipstick, apply Miracle Prep Lip Scrub to dry lips in a circular motion, allowing the hydrating Vitamin E to hydrate. Massage the granulated scrub with your fingertips and remove with a warm flannel.

Later, hone and plump with the sharp tip of Color Elixir Lip Liner. Begin by taping around the cupid’s bow to add definition, then work your way around the natural lip line, before filling in the upper and lower lips. This will act as a long-lasting base for the lipstick.

Finally, apply Velvet Mattes Lipstick in Dusk; an ultra-chic, ultra-matte shade that delivers pout perfection from day to night. Apply one coat, tissue blot, then reapply to set color. This two-layer hack is the key to making your lipstick last, Max Factor details.

Black eyeliner

This expert-approved fall makeup trend that sees your favorite black eyeliner etched along the waterline. It is a subtle solution that gives the appearance of ultra thick lashes, beyond fluttering. Plus, it adds definition that is truly sensual, whether you wear it alone or with a smokey eye.

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Pink blush is one of the most beautiful trends

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