Fall 2021: the most striking trends in men’s fashion

The man who tells you that he is not interested in fashionThey are lying, maybe they are not so detailed, but every day there are more and more men who follow the trends, in fact one of the companies that has grown the most is everything related to clothing, shoes and accessories for them.

And is that these stylish men of 2021 are ready for last year’s wardrobe change with the new men’s collection for winter-autumn and you don’t have to review all the fashion shows, as the experts have released their guide on the trends of the season.

All are original outfits, styles and some suggestions on what to wear and how to combine the essential garments and accessories of men’s fashion 2021. You do not necessarily have to combine it as we suggest, because you can choose what suits you best or with what you feel that you are. Just take a risk, because looking and feeling good makes us raise our self-esteem and security.

Autumn brings several masculine trends

Padded jackets or jackets

Remember the plaid we wrapped ourselves in during the running of the bulls last winter, but the oversized model with a detachable maxi collar. One of the designers who made it fashionable was Raf Simons is definitely cooler. The padded check jackets or jackets will definitely be in trend and warm.

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70s style outfit

One-button, bolt-on jacket with slightly hinted straps and low-rise trousers with a flared leg at the bottom. The combination with sports shoes is perfect not to exaggerate the revival effect, it is what has been seen on the catwalks, perhaps for this style it is a bit daring, but you can take a risk.

College jackets

Surely you have a jacket from when you went to university, if with that logos of your alma mater, and you keep it with so much affection that we are sure that it is semi-new, because it is time to take it out, apart from being in trend for this fall, generally these clothes will keep you warm.

Abrigo overzise

This type of garment has been in fashion since last year, as it is very comfortable, since larger garments are used. The problem is that if misused it can give the appearance of being a misaligned or just plain chaotic look. Therefore, it is important to know the best way to join this style. The suggestion is that if you wear a coat, the rest is your size.

Long scarves

Scarves have become a fashion factor among women and women. In cold months it keeps the neck warm and cannot help prevent some colds. The trend this year is that bigger is better.

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Oversized clothing is still in trend

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