Eva Longoria modern and chic in a summer outfit with a mini dress and sneakers

American actress, producer and director Eva Longoria is a great example of how mature women should dress with style and versatilitybecause at 47 he continues to conquer with charm and a very elegant but also sophisticated fashion style, without losing sight of joviality, avant-garde and glamour.

This time he conquers with a chic and flirty outfit in a photograph that he shared on social networks and in which he is seen happy and smiling, a positive attitude that also adds to that cool and fresh style with which he delights us.

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Look totally on trend in this outfit ideal for summer and on hot days mini dress that also combines with tennis, a jovial and relaxed fashion, excellent for a day that we want to dress casually, for a day of rest, for the weekend or to go out for a walk, for example.

The plain strapless garment highlights her statuesque figure and shapely legs, while the tennis shoes are the perfect touch to give her a casual and comfortable informality to attire, with which she looks ready to enjoy outside; the type of image and outfit that we would copy if we were looking for something like that, simple but chic.

Complete with loose hair parted in the middle and some sunglasses and He poses on a mechanical game holding a drink that, according to his publication, would be a milkshake. “There may or may not be tequila in this milkshake”, he writes, in a playful and fun way.

It also makes clear reference to its own brand of tequila, House of the Sun Tequilawhich launched in 2021, which is at the same time, tequila being a very Mexican product, its way of reach out and celebrate their own Latino and Mexican roots.

“As a Mexican-American woman, it is always my mission to elevate women’s voices and celebrate my heritage, so others can be inspired by the limitless genius and artistry that is rich in our communities. I am very proud to be the co-founder of a brand with authentic Mexican roots with a strong feminine influence.”, he wrote in networks last September, when the brand was launched.

She references her company again in another post, which she does in honor of the ‘national selfie day‘, which is celebrated in the United States on June 21. In the image, she shows off her natural beauty wearing a very simple makeup, high ponytail, white clothes and holding a drink that we understand contains its own tequila.

light up very beautiful and radiant, and even her freckles can be seen with some clarity, as indicated by the comments full of praise that her followers leave on networks.

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