Eugenia Cauduro, as the phoenix; loses 40 pounds after divorce depression

Eugenia Cauduro, as the phoenix; loses 40 pounds after divorce depression. Through her social networks, the 54-year-old actress showed off her radical change that she has surprised and is still inspiring people; In this way, she shares that you have to see the positive side of adversity to be the best version of yourself.

“I look good, I feel good! 18 kilos less! ”, She wrote via Instagram the actress of soap operas such as “Sometime we will have wings” and “The price of your love”. In addition, she added a motivating message: “just for today, little by little you go far. I don’t give up, I fall, I get up. Yes you can, focus”.

And of course, the text is accompanied by a black and white photo in which Eugenia Cauduro poses, while wearing an outfit of jeans and a blouse; she is baggy, but still you can see the weightlossespecially on his face because it looks sharper, as well as the part of his neck.

His friends in the middle reacted with great surprise; for example, actress Luz Elena González commented “wow, always beautiful. Congratulations, especially for that beautiful smile”, while the singer and actress Litzy wrote “always beautiful” and the driver Andrea Legarreta reacted with emojis with hearts in the eyes.

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The actress was one of the main faces of the small screen in the decades of the 80s and 90s because her talent made her stand out, as well as her beauty. By marrying Enrique Morán, she formed a family, since they are the parents of Patricio and Luciana Morán Cauduro; however, her life changed because the center of it was no longer her career.

However, the marriage came to an end and Eugenia Cauduro herself even said that the separation made her fall into depression and gain weight, according to the Tribuna portal and the Publimetro medium. During the process of trying to lose weight, she still focused on working on her self-esteem to accept herself.

In fact, he even said that he saw the positive side of gaining weight, especially in his career because he had the opportunity to play very different characters from those he had previously given life to. For her, it was a way of coping new challenges acting and knowing different facets.

At the beginning of this year, his weight was again the subject of talk, since in an interview with El Universal he indicated that he had had problems of Health and this caused him to gain more weight. But in the end he made it his goal to take care of her overall, losing 40 pounds in total.

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Now, she is focused on taking care of herself and putting aside her addictions to chocolate and cigarettes, since they not only affect her physical appearance, but also her health. In addition, in a certain way, she shares a message about personal well-being and the importance of working in the self esteem and that people do not criticize each other for their size.

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