Ensiferum returns to Chile presenting «Thalassic»

A new concert to the billboard: from Finland, the Ensiferum group returns to Chile. They will be on Saturday, September 24 at the Cariola Theater, with their epic folk metal proposal that has made them known throughout the world.

In recent times they have already performed on the big European stages and festivals, endorsing the reputation they have consolidated in their more than 25-year career.

Currently, the group led by its guitarist Markus Toivonen has eight studio works. The last one was launched in 2020 under the name “Thalassic”, with which they obtained very good reviews from the specialized press. Precisely, with this latest work, the band has kept touring in recent years.

Thalassic, in Greek translated as “belonging or related to the seas”, is an album that incorporates authentic and true sounds of Folk, orchestrations and folk instrumentation full of energy and epic touches.

Ensiferum was formed in 1995 in Helsinki and in this quarter of a century they have released eight studio productions.

Tickets for the expected return of Ensiferum are on sale through the system Eventrid.cl and its values ​​are:

$25,000 + Presale Court fee

$30,000 + Court charge

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