EEG applicants put Jazmin Pinedo and ‘Choca’ Mandros in trouble | show business

The Tarapoto delegation, which is applying for the reality show EEG, made up of Miguel Richter, Christian Ríos, Christian Novoa, Siu Azang, Makarena Novoa, Lleruza Sinti and Valeria Barrera, appeared at +Espectáculos, where they did their thing with Jasmine Pinedo, Jaime Mandros and Rebeca Escribnswho was invited.

The guests did not hesitate to suggest aphrodisiac recipes drivers to improve their physical condition. In addition, they took advantage of the screen to demonstrate their dancing skills, making the popular ‘Chinita’ and ‘Choca’ dance to the rhythm of a jungle cumbia.

“It has not been easy to come to Lima and leave our family and friends, but it is a sacrifice that we are making, because we want to fulfill our dreams,” said Makarena, seconded by Valeri, Miguel and Christian, who are the most enthusiastic of the group. “I want you to know that in EEG, little glasses are not assembled, there is a strong physical and mental sacrifice. It takes a lot of skill,” Valeri said.

Tarapoto applicants, along with drivers

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Jasmine PinedoFor his part, he shared an emotional motivational message with the delegation from the eastern part of the country, as he expressed that the rise of his television career began when he was given the opportunity to be part of the competition reality show on América Televisión. “Many people don’t know how sacrificed it is to be part of EEG as a contestant. Therefore, they do not value it. Maybe I wasn’t standing here (conductor +Shows), if they hadn’t given me the opportunity to be a reality girl. I advise you to try hard and give your all to the fullest,” she said.

On the other hand, the producer Peter Fajardor, announced that the participants began to visit América Televisión programs as part of their evolution corresponding to their stage development. She pointed out that the host of each program they visit will have the opportunity to choose a female and a male applicant to move to a new level of casting.

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