Edward’s Army | When eco-terrorists kidnap the American president ★★★½

What if an eco-terrorist group kidnapped President Trump? What if he made her taste the consequences of climate change and his anti-immigration policies? What if the same group kidnapped twenty dishonest personalities and stationed them on a desert island, in a kind of deadly reality show?

It is the subject of Edward’s Armythe first novel by a former great reporter, a pioneer of the French internet and a great lover of the sea, Christophe Agnus.

To be exact, it’s not strictly Donald Trump being kidnapped, it’s his successor, Mick Faeker. Except…his physical description, his personality, his habits, it all goes back to Donald Trump. An example: the president is kidnapped as he prepares to hit his first ball at the Jupiter Golf Club in Florida.

It’s a particularly satisfying (and utterly goofy) scene for anyone who doesn’t have Trump in their hearts. This is also the great pleasure of this thriller: to see the president, a kind of big spoiled baby, getting by in the difficult situations that the underprivileged of society go through.

The other guilty pleasure is watching the small community of rich, famous and crooked personalities try to survive by grabbing a few coconuts.

It is also to follow what is happening at the White House in this period of crisis: how the vice-president and the chief of staff of President Trump (oops, Faeker…) are maneuvering to try to take advantage of the situation . And how the ecoterrorist group plays with them by sending the FBI, the CIA and everything else on the wrong track.

The reader has some mysteries to solve: who is the leader of the ecoterrorist group, the mysterious Omen? How could he take control of the billions of dollars that were needed to mount this gigantic operation?

The twists follow one another, we go from one operation site to another in a series of small chapters that are easily devoured.

Even if the author takes great care to expose the justifications of the ecoterrorists and to explain the avant-garde technologies used to carry out this smoking blow, there remain some implausibilities. But why sulk his pleasure? It’s not every day that you see Donald Trump (oops, Mick Faeker…) spending hours picking sweet potatoes.

Edward’s Army

Robert Laffont

514 pages


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