Easy Tiger | Tiger Summer ★★★½

It’s the story of a girl who would like to be offered breakfast in bed when she wakes up, but who instead has to face her rag of a boyfriend, who is still shaking because of the substances he ingested the night before. It is the story of an emancipation, the one told by breakfast in bedEasy Tiger’s first mini-album.

Singer and guitarist of the Montreal group Guidestones, Gabrielle La Rue is also now the face and songwriter of the duo Easy Tiger, which is completed by the phenomenal drummer of NOBRO and bassist of the Shirleys, Sarah Dion. The references of La Rue have a lot in common with this last trio, which also gives in a form of rock which would have been a hit on the airwaves of FM radio during the second half of the 1990s.

The story of a year of personal changes, exhilarating drunken parties and travels with no other destination than pleasure, this charming six-track EP exudes both the joy specific to this moment in life when everything seems possible and the anguish inseparable from this same period.

Glittering keyboards worthy of the 1980s (Toothbrush), a smooth Sheryl Crow-like organ (Havre St-Pierre), a guitar riff that could have been composed for the soundtrack of a summer comedy featuring the debauchery of libidinous young people (Ibiza); breakfast in bed is a feast of sparkling borrowings.

But more generally, especially in terms of vocal inflections, the chief feline is reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, a figure whose influence is increasingly felt (Billie Eilish recently invited her on stage at Coachella). Let’s be more specific: think of Hayley Williams, but who would have used as an inspiration board (mood board) an album by Jimmy Buffett, the undisputed master of songs combining heartbreak, drink and sunshine. Forgive the cliché: here is the perfect soundtrack for the season of all freedoms.


breakfast in bed

Easy Tiger



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