Dr. AGA’s feel good prescription: menopause, should we talk about it or not?

I read, almost a month late (imagine your Dr Aga draped in a coat of shame) an incredible paper on elle.fr: it explains that according to a British study carried out for the brand Tena, one in two women would not tell her spouse that her menopause has started. And that’s not all. The paper continues: “A fifth of them did not tell anyone when the first symptoms arrived, and a majority did not discuss the subject with their friends. Three-quarters of the women questioned did not speak about it with their mother, and this same proportion of those polled did not consult a doctor when the menopause showed up”.

I admit I fell out of my chair. Not even telling his…doctor? What does it say about our fear of aging, of the gaze of others, all that? While in absolute terms, learning that you will never have your period again or need to take contraception is champagne, isn’t it? I tried to remember what I had done when it started for me a few years ago. Given my vibrant feminism, I told myself that I had certainly claimed loud and clear my indifference to ageist dictates. I asked my husband what memories he had of this period. His response: “Are you kidding? You spent your nights throwing the duvet flying, moaning, you yelled at me as soon as I spoke to you, it was I who begged you to go see your gynecologist! »

Good. I am therefore part of the woman out of two who spontaneously said nothing, neither to her boyfriend nor to her doctor. And today I realize how silly it was: waking up in a sweat, changing your mood like Mariah Carey on a TV set, becoming a peony in two seconds, it’s still sending sacred signs to those around you. To be silent is one thing, to take others for hams is another. But what I can assure you, if you are in this case, is that time is your ally. Today, I’m a men… a meno… the word is still ugly, take heart… a menopausal, that’s it, happy!! Honestly, it feels good to say that.

I wish you and your hormones all the best for the future. Hahaha!

My prescription feels good

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