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Gisela Valcarcel She surprised her followers by talking about the topic of motherhood on her official Twitter account. It seems that the message was a hint to the producer Ricardo Moranwho recently lit up social networks for saying that the word “mom” is an imposition that adults make on children.

tweeted the television director.

Gisela Valcárcel publishes a peculiar message on Twitter. Photo: Twitter capture


What did Internet users say about Gisela Valcárcel’s message?

Some followers managed to decipher what was stated by Gisela Valcarcel and they said the message was direct to Ricardo Moransince, that same day, the presenter had spoken about the role of mothers in boys and girls.

As is known, the jury of “I am” is a father thanks to a surrogate mother. With this method, he managed to have two children: Catalina and Emiliano. Both were born in the United States.

Gisela Valcárcel thinks about the role of the mother on Twitter. Photo: Instagram.


Ricardo Morán defends his role as a single father

The screenwriter Ricardo Moran He came forward and stated that he is the only one responsible for his young children, since the egg and womb donors renounced their right more than two years ago.

There is nothing more to discuss (…) Parents are the ones who raise. Untraceable anonymous without knowledge or interest in where their eggs ended up, they are not parents, “said the television figure.

Ricardo Morán defends himself against criticism. Photo: Ricardo Morán/Twitter

Ricardo Morán affirms that his children still do not have Peruvian nationality

Producer Ricardo Moran He has been having a nice time with his children. However, to this day, he has a legal battle against Reniec, since he seeks that their little ones, Catalina and Emiliano, be recognized as Peruvians.

“My only issue now is to get them to stay in Peru. That for me now is going to be the most important thing, said the television figure.

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