Djonga responds to criticism after appearing in a photo with Lula

Djonga did not mince words against the Bolsonarista public

djongaseems to have not pleased some fans by sharing a photo on his Instagram story of his meeting with former president Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva. Days later, djonga, took to his social media to rebut fans who criticized his stance. Through Instagram, the artist reaffirmed his vote for PT in this year’s elections and even gave the public that votes for Bolsonaro a tug.

“I never liked getting involved in institutional politics. I have always preferred to do and continue to do politics on a daily basis, in music, in my area and in various actions that we don’t even care about publicizing I believe until I die that art is to annoy and to question whoever is in power, the power it is to be questioned, every form of power”, began the artist, who continued.

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“This does not mean exempting yourself from the decisions that have to be made for now. Don’t be innocent. And another, rap audience: what’s yours? Aren’t you guys listening to this shit? For a moment did you think I would vote for Bolsonaro?”, he asked. Recently djonga demonstrated against President Jair Bolsonaro during his presentation at the Lollapalooza festival. He disobeyed the order of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) that prohibited political demonstrations during the event in São Paulo.

On the occasion, the rapper asked people to raise their middle finger and think of someone they didn’t like, the audience responded by shouting Bolsonaro’s name, so he said: “Can not talk. Since you can’t, let’s talk, because I like to disobey, I hate Bolsonaro, whoever likes is your problem,” he said.

Always critical of the government, the rapper wants to rescue the pride of Brazilians in wearing the national team’s shirt. For that, last month he performed at Mineirão wearing the shirt and chatted: “With this shirt here, it’s better to hear you screaming, because the guys think everything is theirs, they appropriate the family theme, they they appropriate our anthem, they appropriate everything, but here’s the thing, it’s all ours, and none of them”, he said.

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