Django/Zorro, Quentin Tarantino’s crossover, will never see the light of day

It is now certain, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film will not be the meeting between the protagonist of Django Unchained and the masked vigilante, Zorro.

Quentin Tarantino did not go back on his word, his next film should always be his last. A final feature film to end his career as a film director with the feeling of a complete and finished work. Whatever one thinks of such a decision, the filmmaker has found there, for the moment, the right moment to bring a conclusion to a filmography which will have been talked about constantly, and this since his first film in 1992, Reservoir Dogs. Now, since the ending matters as much as everything else, the question of that final film still remains up in the air.

Nothing is decided and everything seems possible, Quentin Tarantino casts mystery over his final film, sowing potential leads for several years as he multiplies projects without a follow-up and drafts of ideas with an uncertain future. Alongside this, the filmmaker is also taken up with his new occupations, slowly turning to the serial format, but also to literature and criticism. It was recently announced the release of his second book, the second publication since the theatrical release ofOnce Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

We will have to mourn Django… and Tarantino’s cinema

While Tarantino’s writing career continues well, it is his other projects that are bogged down to finally disappear for good. This reduces the possible options for his future last film and it is by elimination that we will perhaps arrive at this one. This time it’s the improbable crossover Django/Zorrowhich we hadn’t heard from for a while, which we learn, by its co-screenwriter Jerrod Carmichael, that it will never see the light of day.

The idea came from a comic strip published in 2014 recounting the meeting between the Django embodied by Jamie Foxx and the famous vigilante Zorro, in a common adventure. The concept immediately excited Quentin Tarantino, who even mentioned the return of Antonio Banderas alongside actor Jamie Foxx.

Django Unchained: PictureNo other traveling companion for Django

The project had long been a pipe dream, but in the ocean of the director’s ideas this one could have a good place to become a reality. In 2019, he hired actor and screenwriter Jerrod Carmichael to co-write the film, and thus put to work what could well have been his final feature film after Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

The film was reportedly even pitched to Antonio Banderas, getting to a point where the script was already well advanced. Despite all this, the film will therefore not exist. This was revealed in an interview with QGJerrod Carmichael himself:

“It was something. It was a really amazing script that we had for Django/Zorro and I would have loved if Sony could read it, but I realized that it was impossible to make a movie of it. . I think, though, that we had written a $500 million movie.”

The Mask of Zorro: photo, Antonio BanderasIf we don’t come to Zorro, Zorro will come to us

We do not know what are the reasons for the impossibility of the film, mentioned by Carmichael, but a priori, given the budget mentioned by the gentleman, we can imagine that no studio would have been tempted to embark on such a juggernaut. In any case, the co-writer now seems categorical on the issue: Django will not return with Zorro, and if by chance Zorro should return to the big screen, it will be without Tarantino. Otherwise, a female reboot of Zorro produced by Robert Rodriguezwould be about to see the light of day for CW,

As for Tarantino, we now know that, like his star trek or his film about the Vega brothers (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction), Django/Zorro will not be the film ending his career as a director. It remains to be seen if he himself already has in mind what is planned and if he will discover more about these plans after the release of his new book.

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