DIY: 5 ways to decorate your Christmas cookies without utensils

Updated on November 25, 2022 at 9:28 a.m.

Decorating Christmas cookies – © Linda Lomelino from the Call Me Cupcake blog

If a successful recipe for your Christmas cookies is essential, decorating them is just as important.

Christmas cookies have been one of the most popular rituals of this holiday for many generations. In the tradition, these little shortbread cookies are intended for Santa Claus so that he can regain his strength during his round of gifts, during the night of December 24 to 25.
You can cover them with icing, impregnate them with patterns, make holes in them to hang them on the tree, or embellish them with pearls. In supermarkets, all kinds of molds or cookie presses are sold, but for truly unique Christmas cookies, why not decorate it yourself, with objects already present in your cupboards? It’s free and it’s fun! To inspire you, here are some DIY tips for cookies that are out of the ordinary.

Decorate your Christmas cookies without utensils

With royal icing

Frosting-covered Christmas cookies are probably the most festive, due to the immaculate appearance of the latter. To make royal icing like the one found on gingerbread houses, mix egg white and icing sugar with a spatula until you get a white cream. Then add lemon juice, while continuing to beat vigorously for a few moments. Depending on the desired color, you can add liquid food coloring, and your icing is ready. All you have to do is spread it on the already baked cookies.

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Drawing with royal icing

You can also make a quick pastry bag by making a small hole in a plastic bag filled with icing, in order to draw directly on the shortbread. For the very small details, you can simply use a toothpick-type wooden stick or the tip of a knife, which you dip in the icing before taking action. And to go even further, you can even make your own homemade cone, with parchment paper folded in the shape of a cone and cut off the tip. Fun, good and beautiful!

With lace

For cookies covered with flowers, or rounded patterns, we use a piece of lace (clean of course). Spread the lace directly on your dough, and press with a rolling pin, to “print” your dough, before cutting the shortbread into the desired shape. A simple technique, which nicely dresses Christmas cookies.

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With coasters

Traditionally placed at the top of the tree, the star is one of the many symbols of Christmas. According to legend, a star would have announced to the Three Kings the birth of Christ, and would have guided them to this one. For shortbread steeped in stars, use a glass with a starry bottom. As for the lace, one presses this one on the dough in order to leave the trace of the star there. Nothing easier !

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With a whip

It is also possible to make a star using a pastry whisk, which, once again, is pressed against the dough before baking it. For this technique, make sure your cookies are thick enough, so the whisk has room to leave its mark. If you wish to obtain two-tone shortbread, simply “dip” the whisk in cocoa powder to obtain a brown star. In addition to being nicely decorated, your shortbread will have more flavor!

With a fork or juicer

For more traditional cookies, the pieces of unbaked dough can be streaked using a fork or a manual citrus press. Just press the dough directly against the round part of the utensil and you’re done!

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