discover the superb figure Ichibansho of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue

The animated series Dragon Ball Super is a hit on the small screen and fans of the franchise have reconciled with the latter after Dragon Ball GT. If you collect figurines, here is a very nice model of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue from Bandai’s Ichibansho range.

Dragon Ball Super : a successful cartoon

If you like Dragon Ball Superyou cannot miss this very beautiful figurine of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Where Vegeta Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

This represents one of the characters that has evolved the most within the franchise, it is Vegeta prince of planet Vegeta, and son of King Vegeta. This one first appeared in the cartoon Dragon Ball Z as an anti-hero.

This figurine highlights Vegeta transformed into Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue with his hands in front and his blue hair. His outfit is also torn, highlighting his previous fights. It is full of authentic details and will be perfect for lovers of beautiful pieces.

The figure Ichibansho of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue is available HERE, and otherwise there is also that of Broly.

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