Diego Bertie: the artist’s manager rules out his death from depression: “He loved life” | Magaly TV signs it | entertainment

The death of Diego Bertie has mourned the world of entertainment and art in general. The artist 54-year-old fell from the 14th floor of his home building located in Miraflores. América Noticias reported that the artist’s remains were taken to the La Molina cemetery by his brother.

It was in the last edition of Magaly Medina’s program where Carlos Sanchez de la Puente manager of Diego Bertie, categorically ruled out that the death of the interpreter of “How difficult it is to love” was due to an alleged depression, as has been speculated.


Diego Bertie’s manager rules out the actor’s death due to depression

The artist’s representative appeared before the cameras of “Magaly TV, the firm.” Along these lines, the popular “Urraca” asked him why Diego Bertie had canceled his presentations.

“He had called me and told me that he felt a little cough and we commented: ‘Hey, brother, isn’t it COVID?’ Look, if you’re not going to be 100%, you better rest. I speak with the company that sells the tickets and we reschedule it, ”he said at the beginning.


Meanwhile, about the intimate show that was going to be held for family and friends, Carlos Sánchez mentioned that, a day before his death, both were exchanging audio conversations. “(Diego Bertie) told me: ‘Carlos, since we have full places all the time, I ask you to please block some tables so that my brothers, my family, my friends can go and have a nice night with friends and family,” he continued. narrating the agent.

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After hearing this statement, Magaly Medina said that Bertie Brignardello had plans and projects for the future. “He was not a man who was downcast by sadness, despair, according to what people say. He (…) he was not going through a depressive period (…) he was totally enthusiastic about the reactions that the public had (…) people loved him ”.


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When asked by the reporter: “Do you think he has made the decision to commit suicide?”, Sánchez de la Puente made a clarification. “The human being is complex, I have not only had a working relationship with him, we have talked about everything, and I can tell you that Diego loved life, he loved his family, his daughter, he loved being surrounded by his brothers , of his friends. He told me that I reminded him a lot of his father, “he said.

Diego Bertie: fans leave flowers, candles and messages on the front of his house

The death of Diego Bertie, which occurred last August 5, has shocked the entire country. That is why dozens of his followers came to the front of his house to hold a vigil. People left flowers, candles and messages for the missing soap opera heartthrob.

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Nephew of Diego Bertie says goodbye to the actor with an emotional message

The chef Rafael Piqueras Bertie He shared a passage from his childhood with Diego Bertie, who was his uncle.

Diego Bertie with his nephew, Rafael Piqueras Bertie. Photo: Rafael Piqueras Bertie/Instagram

I could see them over and over again. You took me to the Fuego Azul shows with the band,” she wrote.

Diego Bertie: what character did he play in “In the background there is a place”?

Diego Bertie played the psychologist Sergio Estrada, who had an affair with Isabela Picasso, a character played by Karina Calmet.

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During fiction, Miguel Ignacio de las Casas and the popular ‘Platanazo’ had a feud with Sergio Estrada. Therefore, he joined with Claudia Zapata to take revenge on these characters.

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