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The artistic world is in mourning after the death of Diego Bertie, who in the early hours of August 5 fell from the 14th floor of the building where he lived, located on the Miraflores boardwalk. In this sense, in the latest edition of América Noticias, it was reported that the remains of the national actor were taken to the Molina cemetery.

According to the newscast, the brother of the Peruvian singer also arrived at the Central Morgue of Lima, after the corresponding studies had been carried out.


Fans of Diego Bertie place flowers outside his apartment

The faithful followers of Diego Bertie wanted to show their affection for the national actor, and for this reason they approached the exterior of his home to leave bouquets of flowers as a tribute. They also posted a photo of him.

“They have put a candle and his photograph. There are people who are approaching to pray, to touch his image and ask not to be recorded. They left some gladioli and said that today he is an angel who lives among us,” said the reporter.

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Manager of Diego Bertie announces that they will release a posthumous album

Carlos Sanchezmanager of Diego Bertie, assured that the work that the musician has been doing will not be abandoned, but will be released on a posthumous album.

“Preparing an album that we as an agency are going to take care of getting out. Next week we were going to have a celebration show with his family (…) We had plans until 2025″, he indicated.

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