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Diego Bertie lost his life in an accident after falling from his building on the 14th floor, according to information from firefighters. They pointed out that the actor was lifeless when he arrived at the hospital Casimir Ulloa.

A few months ago, the interpreter declared for the first time about his sexual orientation in an interview with the program “Magaly TV, the firm”. In addition, she gave little-known details of her love life.


Bertie mentioned. In turn, he clarified that he did not hold a grudge against the presenter for having revealed details of his intimate life in one of his books. the actor pointed out.

What did Diego Bertie say about his sexual orientation?

The interpreter revealed that, despite not having spoken publicly about this topic in the past, he has always enjoyed his sexuality. In addition to this, he mentioned that his family and his friends knew that he was gay.

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“I am free with the possibility of falling in love with someone, I am what I am and I don’t need excuses to say: ‘Hey, I’m this,'” he said in an interview with Magaly Medina.

In addition, regarding Pride Month in June, Diego Bertie told La República that “there weren’t many reasons to celebrate.”

“I think there shouldn’t be a Gay Pride Day, just like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It should be every day. declared the also musician.


What did Diego Bertie think about ‘coming out of the closet’?

The “Natacha” actor was against the public’s need to see other celebrities “come out of the closet”, especially considering that there was no need to do so.

“The ‘coming out’ thing is stupid. The closet is not a place, it is your head. So if you say that you have come out of the closet, but in your head you have not solved your rolls, you are still in the closet. The closet is finally your own freedom, the way you live your things, “Bertie told La República.

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Following this line, he told Magaly Medina that he did not give details about his past relationship with Jaime Bayly or about his sexuality due to some kind of “public pressure”. the actor said.

What did Diego Bertie say about his romance with Jaime Bayly?

The singer pointed out that his relationship with the writer was not relevant, but the events that arose after the breakup were very significant for his life and his family. He explained that Bayly took away the opportunity to talk about his sexual orientation when and how he wanted.

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“He wrote books, Bertie said.

In addition, due to the writer’s revelations in his novel “Don’t tell anyone”, Diego was forced to talk to his daughter about his sexual orientation. “I never had the need (to announce it) because it was very clear to me. My daughter has known that I am gay since she was 6 years old, she could have avoided telling her,” he admitted.


Jaime Bayly’s response to Diego Bertie

The singer appeared on the “Urraca” program and accepted what was always an open secret: his romance with Jaime Bayly. In this brief interview, Diego Bertie minimized his feelings for the writer and, on the contrary, was hurt when referring to him: “He wrote books, aired my privacy, exposed things that I had the right to expose whenever I wanted and in the moment I wanted. He exposed me and violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career. He hurt me a lot.”

This June 5, Jaime Bayly recounted his feelings in the third person and avoided referring directly to Diego Bertie by name, but this did not prevent readers from identifying who he was referring to: “My relationship with him (Bertie) was not short or failed, and it was not irrelevant either. It lasted a couple of years. He was my first man. I loved it”

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Did Diego Bertie have a partner?

The actor pointed out, a few months before his death, that he currently had an affair with a person who did not belong to the public sphere. “Let’s say that I don’t lack affection, love, I have love in excess and the best. (…) I have never liked to talk about my intimacy, but I also have nothing to hide, “he said in an interview with” Love and fire “.

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Relatives of Diego Bertie speak out after his death: “Remember him as a great human being”

This Friday, August 5, Diego Bertie died after falling from the 15th floor of his building. The Peruvian authorities received the emergency call and arrived at the scene; However, the actor’s body arrived lifeless at the Casimiro Ulloa hospital. Hours later, relatives of the singer also went to the venue and La República was able to obtain a few words: “”.

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Diego Bertie: Minister Salas makes the Grand National Theater available to watch over the actor

The passing of Diego Bertie It shook the Peruvian show business and the acting industry. Friends and relatives of the artist made known his opinion about him and the media issued notes from the past to remember his best moments on screen. Therefore, the Minister of Culture, Alejandro Salashad a supportive decision.

“”, he expressed for the media.

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“”, Minister Alejandro Salas concluded.

Diego Bertie’s manager reveals how the Peruvian actor was days before he died: “I’m in shock”

In statements for the América Noticias program, Diego Bertie’s representative assured that during this week, the actor tested positive for COVID-19, for which he canceled his presentations at La Estación de Barranco.

“He is the noblest guy I have ever worked with, we scheduled his return to music. His return was unbelievably good, people hugged him, kissed him. I’m in shock, I still haven’t talked to anyone in the family, ”he began.

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Diego Bertie: fans place flowers outside the building where he lived

The country is in mourning after the death of Diego Bertie, an actor with a long career in film, television and theater. This August 5, it was confirmed that the artist fell from the 14th floor of his house. His fans said goodbye by leaving flowers outside the building where he lived. The interpreter was found with low vital signs, he was taken to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital, but he arrived dead.

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Rebeca Escribans saves emotional audio by Diego Bertie: “I’m not going to share it”

Rebeca Escriban lamented the departure of Diego Bertie. “I understand your pain, Fede, very close to the family. My colleagues are absolutely hurt, there are things that we will never be able to understand like death, it is difficult to face it. Let’s keep the privacy of Diego’s family, the pain, “the driver began.

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How did Efraín Aguilar react when he found out about Bertie’s death?

The producer had a conversation with the journalist Nicolás Lúcar and he took the opportunity to consult him about said death. The popular ‘Betito’ could not hide his shock at the news.

“”, Aguilar pointed out in dialogue with Successful.

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Mario Casaretto, Fire Chief, recounts moments with Diego Bertie: “A great friend”

As a result of the departure of Diego Bertie, different figures of the show told anecdotes lived with the actor. All of them were joined by Mario Casaretto, the chief of the Firefighters of Peru, who maintained a link with “On everyone’s lips” and had warm words about this unfortunate event.

“”, he said when starting the link.

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Ricardo Rondón added: “There are so many things, Commander, there are moments as hard and as difficult as these, I imagine that for you too because I am going to comment on this because I understand that you knew Diego Bertie very well, at some point you had the opportunity even to act with him”.

“I have lived with him for days, several days we have lived in the stage of the recording of the novel ‘Leonela’, when we worked in La Molina, that I was the head of security”, he revealed.


Manager of Diego Bertie announces that he will release a posthumous album

Diego Bertie has left a great void in the artistic world of Peru. The actor, known as “the heartthrob of soap operas”, died at the age of 54 after suffering a fall from the top of a building, where he lived alone. His manager Carlos Sánchez de la Puente confirmed that they will release a posthumous album, which was lovingly prepared by the artist for hundreds of his fans.

“″, he expressed.

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Diego Bertie was preparing a new album

The manager of Diego Bertie He said that the singer was producing a new album, after announcing his musical relaunch. As recalled, the 54-year-old actor and singer appeared in the Peruvian media in May and June of this 2022 to break the news.

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Had Diego Bertie relaunched his musical career?

In recent months, Diego announced that he would return to give concerts with the original members of “Imágenes” at the Barranco Station. He appeared on many television shows with his band, promoting the shows and performing his classic theme “how difficult it is to love”.

“I am recording with my group ‘Imágenes’, with which I started before becoming an actor, and releasing an album that I recorded in Rio in 2003 that never came out, but I am re-recording the songs. I am doing some collaborations with Erick Elera, “said the 54-year-old interpreter.

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Diego Bertie canceled shows after presenting symptoms of COVID-19 before dying

Likewise, his representative stated that Diego Bertie’s next presentations had been postponed, as a precaution, as he showed symptoms of COVID-19.

“Diego reported some symptoms of COVID-19 on Monday, we as a precaution (they canceled presentations), the cough and the rest were not going to let him sing, he was not in the best moment of his health. He was a very demanding artist with himself (sic)”, explained Carlos Sánchez de la Puente.

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Érika Villalobos reveals the actor’s last request before he died at the age of 54

Diego Bertie passed away on August 5, 2022. The 54-year-old actor fell from his home, in a building in Miraflores. After the news, Érika Villalobos spoke out and revealed the last request she made to him before his death.

“,” he told ATV.

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Mónica Sánchez says goodbye to Diego Bertie after his death: “I started my career with you”

Through Twitter, the national artist wrote: “”.

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Gisela Valcárcel laments the death of Diego Bertie: “I will meet him; I believe in the resurrection

Valcárcel asked for respect for Bertie’s family, something that was supported by his daughter, Ethel Pozo. Both informed the public that they will not focus on the causes of the actor’s death or the reactions of his relatives, and that, on the contrary, they will focus on Diego’s career and achievements.

Giselle pointed out.

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Love story of Diego Bertie and Viviana Monge

They met at the well-known Ancón spa. Viviana Monge went to see the play “Bodas de sangre”, where Diego Bertie worked; and with the passing of time love was born, to the point that on May 8, 1997 they united their lives in marriage.

“I don’t have many rags to take out, and if there are, they are mine. I don’t like to put them on display,” she said in an interview. In 1995, he shocked the press when he revealed the birth of his only daughter, Aíssa. Everything seemed to be going well in her relationship until, in 2004, she got divorced; and to this day the reasons are unknown. The actor expressed his wishes not to remarry.

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