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Following the departure of Diego Bertie, different figures of the show told anecdotes lived with him. All of them joined mario casarettothe chief of the Firefighters of Peru, who regretted his departure and had warm words for the singer during a link with the program “In everyone’s mouth”.

As is known, on the morning of this August 5, Diego Bertie was taken to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital after falling from the 14th floor of his building in Miraflores. Some time later, the health establishment published a statement confirming the death of the singer.


What did Mario Casaretto say about Diego Bertie?

During a video call conversation with “On everyone’s lips”, the Peruvian authority told how Diego Bertie’s body was found this morning.

“We, when we find a person who is already dead, the communication is simply to the National Police, to the Public Ministry so that they take charge. In the case of vital signs present, the transfer has to be immediate, as it has been, with the support of the Serenazgo de Miraflores, ”he said at the beginning of the link.

Ricardo Rondón added: “There are so many things, Commander, there are moments as hard and as difficult as these, I imagine that for you too because I am going to comment on this because I understand that you knew Diego Bertie very well, at some point you had the opportunity even to act with him”.

“I have lived with him for days, several days we have lived in the stage of the recording of the novel ‘Leonela’, when we worked in La Molina, that I was the head of security”, he revealed.

Diego Bertie: Casimiro Ulloa hospital issues a statement on the actor’s death. Photo: Capture America TV


Diego Bertie joked with Mario Casaretto

“At the entrance of América Producciones he was always jovial, he was a charismatic person. He told me: ‘What are you doing here if you’re dead?’ Things like that from day to day that we received him the moment he came to record. We have lived moments, ”he expressed.

Finally, Mario Casaretto offered some words of admiration to Diego Bertie: “I think that the clear memory we have to have of him is that he was a great friend, a great person and we have to always stay with that image, a good artist too ”.

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Companions say goodbye to Diego Bertie

The death of the Peruvian actor shook the Peruvian show business and several characters from the art industry and those present in the media expressed their condolences through social networks.

Singer Gian Marco gave a brief message about the death of actor Diego Bertie. Photo: Instagram.

Celebrities mourn the death of Diego Bertie. Photo: Capture/Twitter

Diego Bertie was the voice of Radio La Inolvidable

Users found an old publication by Radio La Inolvidable in which it was revealed who interpreted the identifier of the station several years ago: “Did you know that Diego Bertie is the voice that identifies Radio La Inolvidable? Volume up the video and find out.”

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