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The art world is in mourning. The death of Diego Bertie shocked the country on August 5. After the spread of the news of the fall of the actor and singer from the top of a building in Miraflores, Adolfo Aguilar joined the farewell messages issued by hundreds of fans and friends of the Peruvian interpreter. In social networks, he left some heartfelt words for his death.

“The good times filled you with glory, they left with history,” the television presenter wrote on Twitter.


“Rest, dear Diego. added the driver in the post.

Adolfo Aguilar says goodbye to Diego Bertie. Photo: Capture/Twitter

On Instagram he continued to highlight his colleague’s qualities and express the love he had for him. “How many things we have left to do, how much talent in one man,” she wrote.

“You were always my example in EVERYTHING I would have wanted to be and do, and you know it,” he concluded in the post that received thousands of reactions.

Adolfo Aguilar says goodbye to Diego Bertie. Photo: Capture/Instagram

The time Diego Bertie spoke about his sexual orientation

In an interview with “Magaly TV, the firm”, Diego Bertie spoke about his sexual orientation and revealed that he was in love. In his speech, he confirmed that he had an affair with Jaime Bayly.


“Yes, we had a short relationship (with Jaime Bayly). It was not relevant (…). If there is someone who came out of the closet and lived his homosexuality with complete freedom and respect, it was me, not him, “she declared.

He mentioned that his family and close friends knew he was gay. “I am free with the possibility of falling in love with someone, I am what I am and I don’t need excuses to say ‘hey, I am this,'” she said.

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What other artists and celebrities said goodbye to Diego Bertie?

Actors, singers, journalists and figures from the Peruvian show business, such as Christian Meier, Rossana Fernández Maldonado and Juliana Oxenford, sent their condolences to Diego Bertie’s family.

Mari Pili Barreda, Verónica Linares, Mónica Sánchez, Rebeca Escribans, Gisela Valcárcel, Nicole Pillman, Ethel Pozo and Lorena Álvarez also dedicated words to her.

Christian Meier says goodbye to Diego Bertie. Photo: Twitter capture

Diego Bertie’s manager mourns his death

After knowing the death of Diego Bertie, his representative Carlos Sánchez de la Puente told “América Noticias” how the last days of the actor’s life passed. De la Puente noted that Bertie had had to cancel some of his performances after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Until yesterday morning, I have spoken with him, I am very sorry if that has been confirmed,” said Carlos Sánchez.

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“AFHS” began its day paying tribute to Diego Bertie

The América TV teleseries took a few seconds from its broadcast to dedicate a heartfelt message to Diego Bertie for his recent death. As you remember, the actor was part of “In the background there is a place” in past seasons playing the popular Sergio Estrada.

“”, was the short message that was read in a short clip that anticipated the plot of the episode.

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