Did you know that Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos were a couple?

We know all the romances he lived Shakira from the beginning of his career to this part, including the one he had with Osvaldo Rios in 1997, although that is surely the most controversial to date because at that time the Colombian singer was 20 years old and he was 37. Much was said about the intimacy of this couple but it transpired that she ended the courtship when Rivers declared to the media that they were living together and it was not true.

Today, more than two decades later, the Puerto Rican remembered that time during his participation in the house of celebrities, reality show in which he is “locked up” as part of a dynamic with other celebrities. Inside there are normal routines of any house such as cleaning, cooking and, it is precisely in those moments that appear absolutely normal, where the most spicy talks take place, at least, for the rating of the program.

In a conversation with the dancer Toni Costa, Osvaldo Rios revealed that Shakira and he had plans to get married and even her parents knew about it. “We had already seen house”, highlighted the actor. However, Niurka Marcos, who is also in the group of confined celebrities, replied that he did not believe him.

Osvaldo Rios remember that “she was just beginning with Pies descalzos and had a whole world to live. When you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give them”he expressed.

“He had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to him not to continue with me”, He added after mentioning the love he has always had for him. Also, she said that the romance lasted a year and then she started dating Antonio de la Rua. “With her I was very loyal and faithful, but at that time I was neither loyal nor faithful. Being with one and the other distracts you, it blurs your focus, nobody takes away what I danced from, but either you calm down or life takes its toll on you too”, concluded.

For its part, Shakira revealed that the song You he composed it to Osvaldo Rios. This musical theme is included in the disc Where are the thieves? which was released in 1998. At that time, another reason for separation also emerged. Although he claimed that heHe had behaved like a prince.” the reason why the interpreter of Eyes like that left him because he was sometimes very aggressive.

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