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Diana Sanchez and Dan Guido They began a relationship in 2019 and, since then, both have photographed moments of experience, trips and more in Instagram. This Friday, May 13, the athlete surprised all his followers by sharing a series of images of his marriage proposal accompanied by a description detailing all the love he feels for the model.

Both have also experienced moments of bewilderment due to leukemia, a disease that Dan Guido suffers from. For this reason, he emphasized the support that the former reality girl gave him on this subject at the time of meeting him.


What did Dan Guido say about Diana Sánchez?

“I never imagined that the best day of my life would be rainy, but I also never imagined that I would find such a love. I never imagined that someone could love me and accept me like you do, ”she said at the beginning.

“I don’t know what lies ahead, but you’ve already carried me through some of the darkest days, so now we can start the rest of our lives together sharing all the bright things life has to offer. The most beautiful moment with the most beautiful person: my fiancée. I love you with all my heart,” she pointed out.

Dan Guido dedicates a tender message to Diana Sánchez. Photo: Instagram


The love between Diana Sánchez and Guido Dan

In 2018, the model traveled to the United States after ending her marriage to Harold Cortéz. In this country she met Guido Dan, the person who would change her life. He is a Physical Education teacher, but he suffered from leukenia and the dancer helped him in this difficult process. Finally, her passion for extreme sports and travel was what brought them together.

Diana Sánchez and Dan Guido continue their relationship. Photo: Diana Sanchez/Dan Guido/Instagram

Diana Sánchez reveals mental disorder

The model communicates with her followers every day and, through some stories on Instagram, she revealed that she sought professional help because some attitudes were not normal for her. It was there when she was diagnosed with the beginnings of depression: “It made me understand that I am in a process of depression and obviously sometimes it is difficult to share that because, in my case, I am a little ashamed to feel vulnerable.”

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