Derek criticizes current trap and announces new song with Raffa Moreira and MC Igu

Derek didn’t let it go and said that when he releases music with pioneering trappers people won’t understand

Last year the trapper derekone of the members who founded the Recayd Mobthe biggest trap collective in Brazil, after great expectations, derek released to the public, his long-awaited project called “El Derek”. The disc has 23 tracks and guest appearances by names such as ASAP Twelvy, Mc Igu, Leozin, VK Mac, The Boy and much more.

With a great success for years, the artist recently took to his social networks to speak and give harsh criticism to the new generation of trap here in the country: “The trap scene nowadays only has Mongolian tiktoker that when we launch the sound, Raffa Moreira , Mc Igu and Derek, a lot of people sipa the vast majority won’t understand the importance and how much this song represents trap here in Brazil. Sad, but this is real…”, he said.

In another post on his Twitter, Derek stated that the track will be called ‘VIP Presence’ and that it is one of the most insane songs of all time.

A fan was against this: “Trap is becoming the same as rap in 2015/2016, being taken in white and it seems that nobody is seeing it, at the time there were guys like Bk, Djonga, Baco (unfortunately) and even the Recayd himself to “save” the scene, but now it seems that everyone is comfortable with all this shit that happens”, he said.

Raffa Moreiraone of the artists mentioned by derekis one of the greatest exponents of national Trap, with great influence among hip-hop lovers on social networks. Raffa is considered one of the great pioneers of Trap in Brazil. At the moment derek holds the position of creative director of Phantom Studios, his new venture. The brand was announced in a mysterious way on the Instagram of derekand premiered collaboratively.

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