Dance duel: Karely Ruiz and Gomita move the peach with mini dresses

Dance duel: Karely Ruiz and Gomita move the peach with chiquivestidos | GI SPECIAL

dance duel: Karely Ruiz and Gomita move the peach with chiquivestidos. The two famous OnlyFans models who have managed to captivate their followers with their striking silhouettes and outfits, also manage to raise the temperature by dancing and moving their hips.

the royal Karely Ruiz rose to fame a few months ago thanks to the posts she shares on social networks, so on her Instagram account she usually shows her best dance steps. dance.

In a recent publication, the influencers The star who has become a phenomenon when showing off her silhouette appears wearing a tight-fitting dress bleached in brown tones, while on the front she shows off a pronounced opening that reveals her charms.

The young woman of barely 22 years She moved her peach and her hips to the rhythm of the music, leaving her hair loose, which she accompanied with her characteristic fringe. In another video she looked elegant with a black mini dress with which some of his tattoos were appreciated.

To this outfits He added gladiator-style sandals to it, for which he stole the hearts of his millions of followers, especially when he began to dance. The star has been in the middle of the controversy on various occasions, for example, when a woman revealed that she separated from her husband when she found photos of the beautiful model on her cell phone.

For which even Karely herself apologized to the woman for affecting their relationship of more than 20 years of marriage; In addition, the youth star posed next to the first actor Andrés García and she herself has revealed that she is now millionaire thanks to the publications he makes on the famous international platform.

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Gomita knows how to show off her curves

another of the famous OnlyFans modelsis the little clown known as Gomita, who on her Instagram account also captures the eyes of her followers by innovating her outfits.

In a recent video, 25-year-old Aracely Ordaz Campos appears with a black bodysuit with silver, which she accompanies with a garter belt and long black latex boots, while her black hair flies through the air, while she wiggles on stage. Movements that triggered a series of flattering comments. HERE YOU CAN SEE KARELY RUIZ DANCE

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In another video, she also appears in a black bodysuit, which she accompanied with a fluorescent lemon green jacket, while moving the peach to the rhythm of reggaeton with a song by the famous Rauw Alejandro. With these videos, both Gomita and Karely Ruiz not only sweep the networks for their curves but also for their hip movements. HERE YOU CAN SEE GOMITA DANCE

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