Cristian Rivero: how tall is the television presenter and what difference in height does he have with Gianella Neyra? | love story of Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra | shows

The popular host and former model Cristian Rivero is one of the most beloved characters on Peruvian television. The actor is 43 years old and has been in a relationship for several years with Gianella Neyra. The presenter has worked in different spaces on TV, such as “I am” or “The voice Peru”.

Rivero has acted in the telenovela “Los Exitosos Gómez”, as well as in “Lalola”. The former model also has two children with the actress. In addition, both have been together for 8 years, but have not yet married.

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How did Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra meet?

Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra They are one of the most solid couples of the Peruvian show business. As the driver revealed in 2019, before they started dating, he admired the work of the Peruvian actress and even asked her for an autograph on occasion.

“She became an actress and everyone looked up to her and I did too. I used to go with my neighborhood friends to see where she filmed the soap operas to see the actors come and go. She doesn’t remember when I asked her for an autograph. Time passed and coincidences of life we ​​worked together, ”declared the actor in a spot for Avon Peru.

After a while, Rivero worked on the production of one of the novels in which Gianella Neyra participated. At the end of shooting party, the actor invited her to dance. “I saw her in the distance, sitting alone at a table, I asked her to dance and I danced two songs with her,” said the actor.

Then, in 2011, Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra They were the protagonists of the soap opera “Lalola”. It was in that project that they began their relationship that continues to this day. They have been dating for several years, although they still have no plans to get married. They also have two children together.

Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra are one of the most stable famous couples in Peruvian entertainment. Photo: The Republic

How tall is Cristian Rivero?

Cristian Rivero’s height has been the subject of interest for several years, since the presenter has always stood out for his height. According to data that have come to be known, he measures 1.87 meters. On the other hand, the mother of his children and his partner is about 1.73 meters tall.

Why Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra have not yet married, despite being engaged for 8 years?

As revealed by Gianella Neyra in August of this year to La República, both are focused on growing professionally and are calm with the situation of their relationship.

“For now we do not have any plans, we are focused on our job as always. At home we are very happy and calm, so we are fine. (…) When it happens, if it happens, I’ll tell you,” added the former model.

Gianella Neyra assured that she and her partner Cristian Rivero are focused on growing professionally. Photo: composition LR/Gianella Neyra/Cristian Rivero/Instagram

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