Couple: attitudes that can sabotage a relationship

Couple: attitudes that can sabotage a relationship | pexels

Suddenly you find a person who you feel is the onehave things in common, they attract each other, they start dating and everything goes very well, but in one way or another your demons begin to surface and make your relationship complicated, it ends and badly, but what we don’t realize is that many times, we are the ones who sabotage our relationship.

ANDn essence, five-step awareness will teach you how to protect, nurture, and improve your relationships. Because if you want to be a force for good in your associationsdo the exact opposite of these damaging behaviors that according to Steven Ing slowly kill a relationship.

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Not appreciating your partner

Often someone in a relationship secretly (or worse, not so secretly) wants their partner to be, for example, more outdoorsy, fitter, more intimate, more intellectual, more spiritual, more caring, or more fulfilling. whitespace. Instead of admitting that I associated with the wrong person or learning to appreciate and love my partner for who they are, I should try to match the perfect partner, with the appearance of this and the emotional maturity of that and so on. on, until I have assembled a beautiful monster of a relationship problem.

Do not include it in your plans

Most people buy into the naive narrative that if your partner shares fantasies that are different from yours or don’t even include you, that inherently makes them a pervert. Is not true. We are all carnal beings, and just like fantasizing about robbing a bank doesn’t spark crime, encouraging conversation about fantasies doesn’t spark adventures. Instead, such openness can dramatically increase the depth of intimacy in a relationship, so that we both feel closer as we share who we are with each other.

Confusing the identical with the intimate

Many people in relationships assume that if their partners don’t share the exact same faiths, passions, politics, and opinions, they’re not really cut out to be a long-term couple. Could not be farther from the truth. In your alliance with someone else, consider the strategy corporations use when doing a merger and try to find complementary, non-overlapping areas of strength, skill and interest.

Rejecting, discouraging, and sabotaging outside friendships

It is quite common for couples to call each other “best friends” in life. And while it’s great to have a partner who is your best friend, it’s also important to nurture friendships outside of your relationship. Being jealous that our spouse has friends is counterproductive, as people who have loving friends are happier, more balanced, and more committed to other aspects of their lives, including romance. None of us can be everything to our partners, and love is never a zero-sum game.

Live and let live

If our goal is to create real intimacy and share our lives safely, we need to create an environment where our partners feel safe just being themselves and sharing who they really are with us. Or maybe your goal is to ruin the relationship, and if that’s the case, just follow the five steps above.

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