Claudia Martín shows why she is a goddess in a cut out black mini dress

Claudia Martín demonstrates why she is a goddess in a cut out black mini dress. | Special: Claudia Martín’s Instagram.

Claudia Martín shows why she is a goddess in a black mini dress cut out. The 32-year-old actress is not only one of the most talented of her generation, but also one of the most beautiful. Proof of this is that she always looks spectacular, as happened with her recent outfit that she shared via Instagram.

The villain of “Loving you to death” is a fashion lover and that makes her go from one style to another, sharing how to wear different trends for different occasions. She has also made it clear that she loves vibrant colors because there is always at least one colorful element in her outfits.

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On this occasion, as he revealed via InstagramClaudia Martín opted for one of the main trends of recent years: cut out, which is versatile because there are from daring garments to elegant and sophisticated ones. In addition, it is a highly recommended trend for summer because it is fresh and jovial.

Apparently, the actress went to dinner with her boyfriend Hugo Catalán, 40, so she opted for a black mini dress to look between elegant and daring because this emphasized her silhouette and revealed its charms, since the garment has cuts in the upper part, between the arms and the chest.

She completed the outfit with black platformswhich are still in trend and help to stylize the body by adding a few centimeters in height, and a deep blue crossbody baggiving the outfits an accent of color to make it look more daring and daring, which is exactly what Claudia Martín always achieves.

As for the accessories, the actress originally from Oaxaca only had to add some earrings whose particular detail is some transparent cubes that hang at the bottom. In response, her followers commented that she looked “beautiful” and “stunning”.

Previously, Claudia Martín shared that she made a Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, Mexico edition, and wore long dresses that highlighted her tigreño skin tone and green eyes; one of her clothes is between beige and rose gold, while the other has a gradient print that goes from yellow to light blue, with grayish details.

More and more magazines and fashion media are collaborating with Claudia Martín because she is positioned as a referent of the style in Mexico; Of course, this is due to her good taste and authenticity, since she always gives her personal stamp to her outfits and this also includes typical Oaxacan garments, as well as pops of color and prints of all kinds.

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