Christian Nodal is captured in facades and they confuse him with the Chaparrón Bonaparte

Christian Nodal is captured in facades and they confuse him with the Chaparrón Bonaparte. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Once again, the Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodalcaused controversy, but this time it has nothing to do with Belinda or with his new girlfriend Cazzu, but with his confusing wardrobe. And it is that, the interpreter of Goodbye Love It is captured in facades and they confuse it with the Chaparrón Bonaparte.

It was through social networks that an image of the 23-year-old interpreter circulated, Christian Nodal, in which he was caught red-handed wearing a strange combination of clothes that not everyone liked. Christian Nodal was dubbed on networks as the iconic character created and played by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito, The Bonaparte Shower.

The interpreter of Bottle after Bottle, We are no longer, nor will we be Y They didn’t tell you wrong She wore loose shorts with vertical patterns in nude and white tones with black details, which she combined with a sweater with a saturated print of red, mustard, white, black and brown tones, as well as beige tennis shoes and brown and black high socks.

The icing on the cake was the round knitted hat and the glasses with clear lenses, from which the idea of ​​the similarity with The Bonaparte Showerso the taunts were not long in coming.

“Pretend! the downpour, I don’t know if it’s fashion, oh what the hell, but these artists today with those clothes look ridiculous”, “El chespirito, the name is too big for him”, “Tell me the net, is this fashion?? Because if yes… I prefer not to be fashionable”, “No, well, it was well affected. Poor man”, “Like when a 3 year old dresses himself! The worst thing is that his people let him out like that, ”were some of the critics.

From scandal to scandal

Recently, Christian Nodal had already been in the eye of the hurricane, due to its thunder with Belinda and the strange and extreme behaviors he has had since then, where he has been seen doing lunges, jumping from woman to woman, and more recently, kissing the Argentine rapper Cazzuwith whom it is speculated that he has a relationship.

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As if that were not enough, the native of Caborca, Sonora, appeared with a new tattoo on his forehead that says “love”, after kissing with Cazzu behind the scenes of his concert in Bolivia.

It was his own Christian Nodal who shared through his Instagram account a selfie taken in Bolivia, in which the new tattoo on his face can be seen, located above the eyebrow, which, most likely, has been dedicated to his new conquest, the Argentine rapper Cazzuwith whom he has already been seen on several occasions holding hands, and now kissing on the mouth.

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the new tattoo Nodal it says precisely the word Love in italics, with some stars at the beginning and a symbol at the end. Previously, a spider web had already been tattooed on his hairline, which many claimed was dedicated to Cazzu, whose cover of his most recent album is a spider.

Just a few weeks ago, the former coach of Mexico’s voice caused controversy by covering up each and every tattoo he got in honor of his ex-fiancée, Belindaincluding one that he wore precisely on his face that said the word Utopia and a red heart, like one of his songs.

With this new ink on his skin, network users were quick to react, stating that he had not learned anything, after marking his skin for a woman, and then having to erase them when their relationship did not work.

And although neither Nodal nor Cazzu have confirmed their courtship, the images speak for themselves, and just as Beli did when supporting the singer behind the scenes at his concerts, the rapper also did so in the most recent one he offered in Bolivia.

However, this does not guarantee anything, because since he announced his break with the interpreter of Love at First Sight, with whom he had plans to marry after a relationship of more than a year and a half, the 23-year-old from Sonora has been seen with several women holding hands, which have turned out to be pure fleeting romances.

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