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“In recent years I said ‘I’m never going to make another record, never again in my life.’ In these twenty years, I never thought it was time to return”, says Christian Meier without imagining that fate would prove otherwise. “Recently, last year, I started writing for this return that today is specifically called ‘Deja Vu’, the first single of several that are part of an album whose presentation will come hand in hand with a series of concerts”.

With lyrics and music by the actor, the song that is close to three hundred thousand views on his YouTube channel is defined with a “sound of that particular rocker style that has always distinguished him.”

“To find out who we are and what we want, we have to go back… dig up our roots and see what they were made of. That was the premise of ‘Deja Vu’; If I wanted to write new music again, I had to go back, in the first place, to the genre that inspired me to do it, to the sound that shaped me, but with the tools and maturity of today and that I did not have at hand at the age of twenty” , he points out.

“In the pandemic, this desire to make music again arose and, before starting to compose, I took the time to think about what attracted me to music, when I started working back in 1988 with Arena Hash. . Search for the motivations that led me to make music, thinking about a series of sensations that adapt, but also, as the lyrics say, experiencing and remembering a relationship with someone. That’s kind of the concept of ‘Deja Vu’ (available on all music platforms)”.

Meier remembers that he returned to writing in 2020. “I actually started doing a lot of things, not just music: scripts, stories. Things that he had done before. What led me to this was wanting to entertain people who were locked up in their house. And the first thing I did was call everyone who works in my band. I told them: ‘Let’s make songs and I’m going to take care of making videos and release them for people to see on YouTube.’ And it is that in the pandemic everyone was entertained online. That was the trigger that started it all. Trying to bring content to people.”

On the acting level, the most recent in streaming has been his participation in The Eighth Clause (Amazon Prime), starring the experienced Óscar Jaenada and Maite Perroni. “I am the family lawyer and at a key moment I have to take the side of one of the spouses. It was a special, small participation that the producers made me, but relevant to the plot. It was recorded in a pandemic, in Mexico, last year. Then I did the second season of ‘Ana’ (Amazon Prime) and a Spanish film in the Dominican Republic”.

Will you perform in Peru?

Yes, precisely in the middle of the year. With the team from La mujer de mi brother: Ricardo de Montreuil and Bárbara Mori we are going to produce and act in a story written by Ricardo himself, who is going to direct it. I am very happy about it.

Your son, Stéfano, has also participated in the series Ana. What do you feel?

Although we do not agree on the plot, I am delighted because he is having a great career. In addition to being an actor, the pandemic also brought him a new profession, which is making music for movies. He has already worked on two feature films and now on the pilot of an American series. He has produced for American artists in various genres and people are looking for him. He also has his own musical project of his own as a solo artist. Stéfano is working hand over fist and doing well. I think he is also in a Brazilian movie. He is having a great race. I am very proud.

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