Cecilia Bönström, designer of Zadig & Voltaire: “I like to design clothes for active women”

SHE. How do you feel just before the show? What is your state of mind ?

Cecilia Bornstrom. I’m not going to say that I’m anxious, but still, I’m focused. It’s the way I deal with the stress of this human puzzle. Because a show is a puzzle, everyone has to do their job, their part of the show, this play that is being put together. So there you go, I’m focused.

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SHE. What is the inspiration for the collection?

Cecilia Bonstrom. This year, I wanted to bring a little more embroidery and softness to the Zadig & Voltaire woman. I went to draw until 1968, the women’s revolution. As Zadig & Voltaire is a house that loves to release slogans, this year we started with love, peace and a “I don’t care” state of mind. The woman in 68 and the young women in 2022 are in the same state of mind. The woman dares to speak out loud, she wants to be who she is, to be genderless. The silhouette is inspired by the folk years, so that’s why you’re going to discover crumpled suedes, small embroidered vests in shearling… It’s a very nonchalant chic look, inspired by the 1970s.

SHE. So you really feed on the news to create?

Cecilia Bonström. Still ! I like to design clothes for active and real women. It’s my obsession to help them. Young women students, women lawyers, police… I’m here to create a collection, but at the same time to send a message.

SHE. What is the flagship piece of your collection? Your favourite?

Cecilia Bonstrom. It’s always hard to choose, it’s like choosing between your children. I want to say, maybe it’s the stuffed sheepskin boot. We have a military-inspired boot called Joe that has been the best-selling boot for years. This year, I completely covered it with shearling. You can wear it with a super chic blonde dress, with pants that fall into it. They will give you that assurance. I like to make women confident.

SHE. Three dominant colors in the collection?

Cecilia Bonstrom. Black of course, because we are rock at Zadig & Voltaire. I wear it every day. Red because it’s a bright color that speaks to me of love and happy things. And the third would be a camel, cognac. A natural shade for a story of softness with the suede and shearling that I wanted to express this winter.

SHE. For the summer, what is the room that you never leave?

Cecilia Bonstrom. It would be my Voltaire cap to protect the face from the sun.

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