Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city continues to be an inspiration for Generation Z

New York, Paris, Milan are usually cities that breathe fashion, and much more so if they are the setting for popular series and movies. It is impossible for the looks and trends to go unnoticed because they are a very important part of the story of each character. In recent months, the different red carpets have been drenched in the most hilarious and original dresses, but many have also been familiar to us and there is a reason that justifies this inclination.

Up-and-coming young women who adore the fashion industry have been found to be most often matched with those who cemented their position as style icons decades ago. Who perfectly sums up what it means to be part of that exclusive circle of Generation Z it is Addison Rae. Just a few days ago she surprised with the new version of the eye makeup that the princess went viral Diana of Wales in the eighties, now the multifaceted artist seems to be inspired by one of the pieces that keeps one of the most impressive wardrobes that we know to date, that of Carrie Bradshaw.

Addison She is faithful to her style, however, she wanted to surprise with something completely different from what she is used to. On the occasion of the gala BMI Pop Awards held in Beverly Hills, an appointment to which she was accompanied by her partner, the guitarist Omer Fedi, He wore a wise choice of clothing. Leaving aside the sparkles and glitter that she usually wears on this kind of high-profile red carpet, she opted for a beautiful draped design that flatters all silhouettes and ages. The artist posed for the flashes in a dress with asymmetrical sleeves and a long train that she completed with striking black platform sandals with transparent heels and delicate glow makeup, the work of Mary Phillips.

The truth is that this elegant piece was familiar because although the repertoire of Addison is a great source of inspiration, on this occasion it was quickly found who seems to have influenced her, at least indirectly. There are outfits that our memory registers perfectly and that we come to appreciate on the screen. It turns out that one of the dresses worn by the popular character Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of the reboot And just like that follows the same cut and effect as that of Addison.

the talented actress, Sarah Jessica Parker appears sheathed in a delicate blue piece of the brand Norma Kamali, also with the asymmetric sleeve and the aforementioned draping that stylizes the body. With this brilliant connection, both experts in the field of fashion have confirmed that there are garments that are suitable for all types of bodies, ages and moments. And you, do you have your dress Carrie Bradshaw favorite? What other series inspire you when choosing how to dress for a special occasion?


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