Carlos Alcántara reveals that he is going blind: “I have 10% of my vision left, it affects me emotionally” | Blindness | D-Day | entertainment

Carlos Alcantara He spoke for the first time about a medical condition that he has had for three years. The actor and film director revealed on “D-Day” that he has almost 10% of his vision in his right eye and that it affects him emotionally.

The protagonist of “Asu mare” said last June 19 that he must pay attention with his other senses. In addition, having only one eye in good condition, he tends to be disoriented.


What did Carlos Alcantara say?

“Losing a sense affects me emotionally, p That affected me a lot in sports, I drive; I played saxophone, I can’t do it anymore, ”said the interpreter.

“You lose the depth of field and everything seems to be in the same plane. I am almost half blind because, of the two eyes, one does not work. ”, He highlighted.

However, he performs his daily routines normally. “I’m still playing soccer, I’ve been doing crossfit and I’m dedicated to my family,” added the remembered ‘Machín’ from “Pataclaun”.

Carlos Alcántara confesses personal drama: “I’m almost half blind.” Photo: diffusion


Carlos Alcántara talks about the humor of “Speaking lame”

At another point in the report they made, he talked about Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza, who are in the eye of the storm because of the type of humor they perform in “Speaking lame.”


As it is recalled, both were publicly exposed with their discriminatory comments and jokes about cases of aggression.

“But that’s not black humor, no. Black humor has always existed and is something else,” said Alcántara.

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Carlos Alcántara praises Melissa Paredes

Carlos Alcántara and Melissa Paredes performed intimate scenes for the recently released Peruvian film “Igualita a mí”. Thus, the artist talked about what it was like to share roles with the former reality girl.

“I have the best comments, super responsible, super professional. They are difficult scenes, always the kissing scenes or those that are in a bed are difficult, because it is not your partner, “she said.

“I congratulate her because she has been calm in that sense and feels supported by everyone. On the screen everything looks great, the actor’s work is like that, ”she added.

‘Cachín’ was delighted with the work of Melissa Paredes in her new film. Photo: Capture America TV / Instagram

‘Cachín’ according to Ricardo Mendoza’s exit in “Asu mare”

In the latest edition of “Completala”, Ricardo Mendoza recounted how his retirement from the movie “Asu mare 4″ was: “There will be one more, I was going to act in that four (fourth movie), What’s more, I was going to be the protagonist, but due to recent events, they have made them want to do without me and logically I of them.

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