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the judgment of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard took on different nuances and among the headlines those that dealt with the closeness between the Hollywood actor and his lawyer, Camille Vásquez, stood out. In this regard, the program “El gordo y la flaca”, from the Univision network, interviewed her to find out details of her life and, of course, to know if her relationship with the protagonist of “Sleepy Hollow” went beyond the professional .


What did Camille Vasquez say about Johnny Depp?

Raúl de Molina ‘El Gordo’ conducted the interview with Camille Vásquez, broadcast on June 9, and asked her about the signs of affection she had with Johnny Depp in court.

“Obviously, you are very pretty, you are young, you are a lawyer, you would get up, you would hug your client, one of the most popular artists in Hollywood history. People said, is she having an affair with him or something? You left the court, they asked you and you did not want to answer, “she inquired.

Camille Vásquez replied, in Spanish.

“He is my friend, but first he is my client, and he was going through something very difficult. I love my clients very much and I am Hispanic, I like to hug and touch people,” said the lawyer.

However, Camille Vásquez stated that she never kissed Johnny Depp. “No kisses, but I do give him a hug because he needed it.”

Camille Vasquez hugs her client, Johnny Depp, during the trial. Photo: AFP


What did Camille Vásquez do after winning the trial of Johnny Depp?

After the court ruled that Amber Heard should pay Johnny Depp $15 million, the first thing Camille Vasquez did was contact her family.

“I called my parents. Yes, my mom, they were dumbfounded. They did not have the words and I also called my sister and my niece told me ‘bravo, aunt’, she is two years old and she is my heart, “she said.

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