Batgirl canceled: a photo of the film unveiled by the directors

To everyone’s surprise, the cancellation of the film “Batgirl” was announced on August 2. A cancellation which occurs when the production of the film was already well advanced and that nearly 90 million dollars had been invested in the project. By way of explanation, Warner Bros. Discovery simply explained that it wanted to change its long-term strategy, while indicating that the film would never be available anywhere. No question, therefore, of finding it in streaming.

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A photo revealed

An announcement that was a real shock for the entire team that worked on the feature film dedicated to the female counterpart of Batman. The actress who plays Batgirl, Leslie Grace, did not hide her pain at seeing all her efforts reduced to nothing. For their part, the directors of the film, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (“Bad Boys For Life”, “Miss Marvel”), also publicly spoke of their disappointment, adding that their work deserved to be seen. The film was expected on HBO Max sometime in 2023.

To give a taste of this movie that will never air, the makers of “Batgirl” have shared a photo of Leslie Grace as Batgirl. A shot that made fans who were impatiently waiting to discover the masked heroine for the very first time in live action. It remains to be seen whether Warner can change his mind about the film’s release, but it seems to be off to a bad start because other films have simply been canceled at the same time…

Almost finished, the sequel to the film “Scooby! “, telling the new adventures of the dog Scooby-Doo, has also been canceled, just as it should be the case for the feature film “Supergirl”.

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