bad news for the Toy Story spin-off with this sad record

When it was released in cinemas a few months ago, we presented our review of the last Pixar animated movie, Buzz Lightning. And while the spin off of Toy Story landed on Disney+ in the United States, it would seem that the film did not really live up to what was expected for its theatrical release, failing to exceed the scores achieved by the previous installments of the original saga, by far .

pixar’s worst failure?

Since March 2020 and the movie Ahead, Buzz Lightning was the first Pixar film to return to theaters, but also the first Pixar to be filmed in IMAX. On paper, this spin-off of Toy Storyone of Pixar’s most cult licenses, then had all the necessary elements to meet with success. Unfortunately, the animated film directed by Angus MacLane failed to do justice to the Space Ranger, as evidenced by its low score at the global box office.

In effect, the film would thus have collected the sum of 214 million dollars at the worldwide box office, while its budget was estimated at 200 million dollars. Having not reached its point of profitability, Buzz Lightyear then appears as a commercial failure, achieving one of the worst scores for Pixar. In comparison, the saga Toy Story brought in nearly three billion dollarsand the last two films released in 2010 and 2019 had both exceeded one billion at the global box office.

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But if the film not only achieved the worst score of the saga, almost all the other Pixar films released in theaters did better.. One of the few Pixar films to have had a lower score at the global box office is Aheadbut which is not really a representative example of the fact the global pandemic which declared itself at the time of its release, thus compromising its results in theaters.

Buzz Lightning should allow fans of the saga, having started with the 1995 film, to be able to immerse themselves in the now cult universe of Toy Storywhile introducing the character to new generations who wouldn’t have grown up with the movies or the series The Adventures of Buzz Lightyear. And while the film was to benefit from a favorable context following the resumption of theatrical releasesaudiences seem to have failed to answer the call in the way Pixar expected, thus making the film one of the studio’s biggest business failures.

And even outside of Pixar, the movie Buzz Lightning was less profitable than Dreamworks’ last, The Bad Guyshaving made 245 million at the box office for a budget of around 80 million, or even Encanto from Disney, which was however considered a financial disappointment with its 256 million revenue for 150 million budget.

This failure of the Pixar film could then be explained by the competition it had to face.including the Universal film Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru. And the spin-off of Me, ugly and mean was a strong contender, as in just two weeks the film surpassed $210 million in the United States alone, is almost as much as the Pixar film, and this over its entire worldwide exhibition.

But it could also be explained by the reduction of the operating windows, allowing the film to arrive more quickly on Disney+ after their theatrical release. The public would thus be more inclined to wait for its release on the streaming platform in order to be able to see the film at a lower cost. A direct consequence of Disney’s strategy regarding the abandonment of theatrical releases in favor of the development of its platform over the past two years. This is why we can expect the film to be more of a success on Disney+.


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