Avatar 2 offers a warrior teaser and reveals lots of new images

Avatar: The Waterway offers a new video preview and reveals many new images.

The countdown is now started before the surge Avatar: The Waterway which could devastate everything in its path, starting with the 2022 box office. For James Cameron, Avatar: The Waterway is his riskiest, most dangerous bet yet. However, the power of the license and especially the release of the feature film in China, confirmed recently, should greatly help Avatar: The Waterway to make a profit. But to maximize the chances of success, it is necessary to count on a good marketing campaign, in particular through the distribution of multiple trailers or extracts for such a colossus.

With this in mind, two trailers have already been unveiled. The latest trailer forAvatar 2 was intended to be particularly epic, even if it gave pride of place to poetry and contemplation in its introduction. A poetry, on the other hand, absent from the new video preview, which has just been revealed. In effect, this teaser, featuring never-before-seen footage, offers plenty of action and the spectacle of very large scale.

According to the synopsis, we already know thatAvatar: The Waterway will focus on Sully’s family, ten years after the events ofAvatar. Moreover, the first trailers were particularly attached to his family cocoon, his position in the Na’vi community and the causes that will push him to fight the formidable army that attacks his people during the few scenes presented. on the screen. We felt strongly through these images, the care given to the treatment of the daily life of Sully and his familyat least at first glance.

An elementary motivation to go to war, to protect his own precisely. The war, it is therefore a question in the video preview which gets into the heart of the matter almost instantly. The few plans revealed by this teaser once again attest to James Cameron’s technological mastery and his ease in sublimating the grandiose in cinema. Proof, the maritime combat between gigantic ships and sea creatures promises its share of thrills.

“Patience, only a few days left before discovering Avatar 2 in theaters”

If this teaser does not give us additional clues about the plot, it does offer some impressive images, which make our mouths water more (it is the case to say it). We only have a few days left to wait before the release ofAvatar: The Waterway. James Cameron and the studio are therefore increasing the pressure crescendo before the launch, which is likely to be explosive. Avatar: The Waterway will land in theaters this December 14, 2022.

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