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The basics of risotto

Which rice for my risotto

Before thinking about season, you have to think about “rice”. Indeed, for a risotto worthy of the name, it is advisable to use the Carnaroli variety which “holds up the cooking” of the dish well, absorbing a lot of liquid, while being soft enough to taste. In short, it’s the rice of the risotto!

Pearl the rice

At the start of cooking, it is advisable to fry the rice in a fat, this step is called “pearlizing” the rice. Butter, oil – olive or not – a mixture of the two, everyone has their own recipe and technique. There is no error strictly speaking, just a question of taste, and what is in the cupboards.

Perfume again and again

Before pearling the rice, you can brown in the fat some garlic, onion, shallot, etc. Indeed, if we can totally – and this is what we do – add very fragrant ingredients at the end of cooking to finalize the risotto, we can also include them at the beginning of cooking so that these flavors are impregnated in the heart. grain of rice, and not just on the outside. It’s a detail we know, but we’re picky…

Adding white wine

When the rice is pearly, it can be deglazed with dry white wine. The latter is the most used alcohol for this recipe but you can use others. In the USA for example, it is not uncommon to find a Brandy risotto recipe, whereas in France, it is more anecdotal.

It’s bubbling

Last step or almost, and not the least, the cooking of the risotto is prolonged by adding ladle after ladle of hot broth until the rice has completely absorbed it. In all, it takes about 20 minutes of cooking to make a risotto. On the other hand, no jokes, when you make a risotto, you don’t stray too far from your work plan. The Netflix series will wait…

fall products

Now that you know everything about risotto, we can take a look at the autumn side of the recipe. Pumpkin; butternut squash ; mushrooms ; Yam ; spinach ; leeks; gorgonzola; nut ; chestnuts; apples ; Hazelnut ; blue cheese ; all of these flavors can be incorporated into a risotto recipe. For autumn vegetables, on the squash and sweet potato side, two techniques are possible: either they are cut into cubes and browned at the start of cooking with the rice, or they are transformed separately into a puree that is integrated at the last moment. This is one of the techniques most commonly used to make an autumn risotto as shimmering as the surrounding nature. The proof with these 14 tasty creations, spotted on Pinterest.

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