Attitudes that you should never tolerate from your partner

Living as a couple can also be very good for our development, which does not necessarily imply marriage or living under the same roof with the other, but we are talking about a stable relationship with someone and in which the same goal of growth and fulfillment is pursued in the company of the other.

The relationship should be healthy, respectful, where there is neither dependency nor manipulations, but balance and harmony. We form bonds, create ties and build futures with that couple, which is why it is expected that just as it is given, it is received, be it love, support, appreciation and much more.

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Your partner must make you feel good, that they are healthy ties, otherwise, this can lead to harmful behaviors and unhealthy relationships. Today we share certain behaviors that you should never tolerate in your partner and that they should not occur in their relationship either.

who wants to change you

We must not change for others or adjust to the expectations or needs of others. The right person for you will understand, respect and love you just the way you are. If he tells you that he loves you but wants to control what you say, think, wear, or even the friends you have, he is a harmful person to stay away from.

criticizes you too much

Your other half should support you in being a better person and reaching your potential, but while constructive criticism is healthy, malicious and hurtful criticism should never be allowed. If he only makes negative comments to you, he is not a person who is good for you, because he will even end up damaging your self-esteem.

Attitudes that you should never tolerate from your partner. PHOTO: Unsplash

Abuse of any kind

should never be tolerated abuse whether physical, emotional or verbal; if there is violence of any kind, it is best to get away from that person. If you feel that your partner does not support you, if he manipulates or mistreats you, if he does not respect you, assume it as a red light immediately.

cross the limit

In a relationship, limits must also be set and you must not agree to be or do something you do not want. Make it clear what you expect from the relationship, be firm and say ‘no’ when you can’t meet and communicate. If you have told him that jokes are not for you, do not allow them, for example; If you’re not ready to share, they need to understand and understand you, not claim you, to mention another scenario.

Deny your needs

In the dynamics there must be equity and they must find the middle point, listening and taking into consideration the other. Talk, not that one commands and the other complies, but above all, there is respect on both sides. If he does not act seeking your well-being, things must be changed or the relationship will not work.

Bad communication

Communication is key in the relationship as a couple and it is something that must be constantly worked on. If this begins to decline, this will create distance and this can cause a break. If there is no good communication, conflicts will ariseso it is very important to pay attention to this section.

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