Angelique Boyer shows off her skill in the water by surfing small waves

The soap opera actress is a fan of sharing with her followers beautiful outfits and details of her life, but this time she left us speechless by showing off her ability in the water by surfing in small waves, like a professional.

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Angelique Boyer today through several stories showed off her ability in the water, this by appearing surfing in small waves, a technique she needs a lot of balance which she achieved perfectly, even giving herself the freedom to make slight movements with her legs.

The actress wore blue leggings and a life jacket to prevent any accident, although not only is she retaking this, Sebastian Rulli He also got on the surfboard and showed his skill, envious of being able to do this like them.

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This is the only thing they have revealed about this mysterious trip, we hope they will soon talk about the paradisiacal place they went to. Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli are one of the favorite couples of the show, they always show off how much they love each other.

Despite this, both have been questioned about why they have not had children, to which they have replied that they do not want to be parents for now and do not even reach the altar. Angelique Boyer has even been criticized on several occasions for her decision not to become a mother.

And it is that despite the fact that times have changed a bit, this is still an issue that many people still do not understand, I hope they stop making her angry with this issue. We wish you continue enjoying your love in its own way, and more in this place full of nature away from everything.

So far they are the only news that the actress has shared in her social mediaWe already miss seeing her in soap operas playing different leading roles with such passion and professionalism, like the iconic Teresa who continues to drive many crazy.

In labor matters we know little, there are no rumors about acting. In the case of Sebastián Rulli, quite the opposite, since he is shining on television, today was the end of Los Ricos no Lloran, where he acts in the company of claudia martinthe new star of Televisa.

Angelique Boyer shows off her skill in the water by surfing small waves. instagram special

Without a doubt they left us surprised with their skills in surfing, hopefully they will soon reveal another one that we don’t know about, apparently these two are a case of cuteness, a very talented couple, envious of how they are spending it surrounded by nature.

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