Andres Hurtado | Jimmy Santy attacks ‘Chibolín’: “I hate him; he has cheated and swindled” | entertainment

jimmy saint He surprised more than one by revealing that he “hates” Andrés Hurtado. During an interview he gave to the YouTube channel “The Emperor’s Show”, the national artist listed all the flaws he has found in the famous TV host.

It all started when the singer was consulted about his belief in aliens and took the opportunity to rant against the remembered “Chibolín”.


What did Jimmy Santy say?

“And he has gone on to say that he has contacts (with extraterrestrials). I do believe in superior sibling beings,” she expressed.

Likewise, he explained the reasons why he does not have a good opinion of Andrés Hurtado, calling him a “swindler” and mentioning that he has not had a good behavior in his life.

Because he has had a very ugly life, he has cheated, he has cheated, he has lied and continues to lie, saying that he helps his public”, he added.

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Andrés Hurtado assures that he ‘connects’ with the superior brothers

On several occasions, Andrés Hurtado has commented on his belief in aliens, whom he calls “superior brothers”, so the TV host was approached by ‘Pato’ Ovalle, walking through the streets of Miraflores and explained that he had to connect with these beings.

“Its a bit late. It is the time that (…) difficult to tell you humans what I do at this hour. In a while I’ll connect with the ‘superior brothers’, a theme that you humans will never understand,’” she replied.

Andrés Hurtado does not tolerate making fun of aliens.


Jimmy Santy admits to having a strong character

Contrary to his appearance, new wave singer Jimmy Santy acknowledged that he has an aggressive and strong personality.

There are people you have to hit: if they don’t let me speak, if they insult me, what do I do: let them insult me ​​or be peaceful? I go and punch him; In addition, I hit hard (…) I have earned respect for my aggressive side, I have earned it with kicks, ”he said in an interview with Perú21, published in 2013.

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