Andrea Escalona reveals details about the sweet expectation of her first baby

Andrea Escalona reveals details about the sweet expectation of her first baby | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL

Andrea Escalona reveals details about the sweet expectation of her first baby. The host of the morning show “Hoy” looks splendid and excited, after revealing that she is waiting for her firstborn and although she confessed that she was not in her plans, now she is the greatest joy of she.

After the news, the also actress has only received signs of affection from her followers and colleagues from Televisa. In days past she shared that she will be a male and for the moment he has ruled out the possibility of celebrating a wedding with his partner, Marco, who is not involved with the show business.

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Andy was questioned about her short-term plans, for which she announced that she plans to work until the last moment, “I told my bosses, my producer, that I sawoy to be that giving birth almost live”, he said jokingly.

The actress is 20 weeks pregnant and clarified that for the moment everything is going well and that she will continue with her plans if life allows it: “I do, if the doctor continues as before, if I continue to have a beautiful pregnancy as until now thank God, I until the end”.

However, she clarified that once she gives birth, she does intend to take a break to spend the time enough for her little one, “yes, I would like a few more weeks after the baby is born, well, stay a little longer”.

The happy driver also shared that she wants to give birth naturally, but she is aware that it depends on how things go: “I would like a natural birth, but I am very open, I don’t want to cling to anything either, I am very open… You know it depends on the position, on how it comes”.

For her, the ideal is to avoid an intervention, “if we can throw it away naturally, I’ll throw it away, but if she sees something when it’s time, we’ll do a caesarean section.” The truth is that Andrea is extremely happy and she has shared every moment with the public that sends her messages with good wishes.

Recently, Andrea Escalona confessed that “every time I feel it more and it is something super nice… I feel very happy, I feel very happy, I feel very calm.” He also revealed that at the moment the symptoms he has presented are very mild.

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At the moment, it seems that the presenter rules out having the birth at home and prefers to go to a hospital to put herself in the hands of a medicalin case you require a caesarean section.

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