Ana Brenda Contreras and Mauricio Ochmann presume that they will celebrate Christmas together

Ana Brenda Contreras and Mauricio Ochmann presume that they will celebrate Christmas together | GI SPECIAL

Ana Brenda Contreras and Mauricio Ochmann presume that They will celebrate Christmas together. The fans of the famous actors were surprised after they confirmed the news on social networks, for which many wrote that “this was not expected.”

The beautiful 35-year-old actress and the 45-year-old heartthrob will spend Christmas Eve together in the film “Reliving Christmas”, a Christmas comedy which will premiere on December 20 on the famous streaming platform, Netflix, as each one revealed on their Instagram account.

With this tape, both Ana Brenda Contreras What Mauricio Ochman They will demonstrate their talent and audacity to make the public laugh days after this celebration that involves meetings with loved ones and the odd entanglement.

Under the direction of Mark Alazraki, who also participated in Club de Cuervos, under the production of Perro Azul, Netflix reported through a statement that the recordings lasted six weeks and ended in early August.

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It was also revealed that this nice story full of humor and family comedy will focus on the life of Chuy, who plays Mauricio Ochmann, and that in his character he is a grumpy man that since he was a child he has not enjoyed Christmas, precisely because his birthday is on December 24.

In the end he decides to celebrate his birthday as it should, but something strange will happen that does not allow him to fulfill his wish and he has to face his nightmare reliving every day of Good night.

This apparently is a lesson for his bad character. In the tape also participates Mary RedJosé Sefami, Verónica Bravo, Mannu NNa, Alfonso Borbolla and Romina Poza.

Also, Ana Brenda Contreras and Mauricio Ochmann they will be married and will even have children with whom to celebrate this holiday. It is certainly a big surprise that both talented actors share the scene, so their fans rejoiced to be able to see them soon on the screen.

This year, Ana Brenda had a saturated schedule, because she recorded the telenovela “The Count: Love and Honor”who will star alongside the Mexican heartthrob Fernando Colunga and that it will be released in 2023; In addition, in September the young model premiered the series “All the Blood” where he shared credits with Aáron Díaz.

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