Ana Bárbara and Gomita show off their peaches during an intense exercise routine

The Mexican regional music singer is a fan of sharing every detail of her life with her followers, although on this occasion she showed off her peach in the company of gummy bearsince the two shared the intense exercise routine they perform.

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Ana Bárbara surprised us today with an intense exercise routine, in which she shared with Gomita how she maintains her peach. Which consists of doing a squat and then raising the right leg and the left, and so on.

The singer confessed that with this star exercise she maintains her peach. Gomita as she could followed her step, although she looked somewhat tired and uncoordinated next to Ana Barbarawho has a lot of condition and is super disciplined when it comes to exercise.

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During this exercise routine, Ana Bárbara showed off her charms with a sports brawhich she combined with black leggings, meanwhile Gomita opted for a more relaxed outfit, since she wore a long sweatshirt with gray leggings, super comfortable and beautiful.

This is not the first time that Ana Bárbara shares her exercise routines, although this time she only revealed one exercise, we can see how she maintains that great bodyplus she sure is super disciplined when it comes to eating healthy.

Gomita also decided to share a little of what he experienced during that intense exercise routine. So far they are the only news that the singer has shared on her social networks, but surely in the course of the hours she will surprise us with more details, such as divine outfits.

The one from last night was sensational, since it was integrated by a silver dress that was left to the perfection, in addition to wearing her hair in a high bun and very elegant makeup. Ana Bárbara has always been characterized by that good taste when dressing.

In a matter of work projects She hasn’t mentioned anything, but she is surely preparing her next single, without forgetting that her participation in La Academia is being a complete success, a program in which she dazzles with all her talent and beauty.

Ana Bárbara and Gomita show off their peaches during an intense exercise routine. instagram special

We will keep you posted on any news you share, don’t forget to follow her on her social networks so as not to miss any detail, especially divine outfits, which give their followers ideas to look beautiful wherever they go.

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