Amazon has just unveiled the contents of the Herogasm, you are not ready

This is probably the most anticipated episode of the whole series. series. This Friday, theepisode 6 of the season 3 of The Boys, the famous Herogasm, will finally be broadcast on Prime Video this Friday. In the meantime, the communications team continues to increase the pressure and believe us, it’s going to be very hot!

A long awaited episode

The Boysit’s a series of completely wacky superheroes, with an offbeat and particularly irreverent tone. If this tends not to please everyone, some people consider that the series does too much, it is precisely what makes all its charm and interest!

Season 3, whose first episodes have been unveiled gradually for several weeks, continue on this path with violent fights, sex and other rather explicit and disturbing scenes, like the one in episode 5 where the Fish-Man is forced to eat a live octopus.

But of course, this is the episodeHerogasmthe sixth of the season, which has been teased for months and which is therefore the most anticipated – and feared – by fans. And it would seem that the sliders have all been pushed as far as possible, as evidenced by the latest teaser published yesterday on the official Twitter account of the series!

A final warning for the curious

“These are the only images we can legally show you in advance.” The official Twitter account of The Boys could not be clearer: if the first images of theHerogasm revealed are not particularly trashy, it’s simply because the short video revealed would probably have been scratched in a few minutes. Anyway, here it is!

This is the only legal footage would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm

June 21, 2022

If we imagine that these few very quick extracts leave you on your hunger for the moment, reassure yourself (or not, it depends): the episode promises to be much more explicit and trashy once available in its entirety! Moreover, a new rather comical warning at the beginning of the video once again warns you:WARNING: This episode depicts a massive Supers orgy, aerial penetration, dildo mutilation, extra strength lube, ice phallus (or “stalactite”, editor’s note) and slurs. It is not suitable for any audience.”

Once again, we find the science of communication that the teams of The Boysincluding the sixth episode, The Herogasmwill be available exclusively on Prime Video this Friday, June 24, 2022.

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