Allison Pastor clarifies that she entered “Esto es bacán” for the only time: “I do it in order to help” | This is war | entertainment

actress and model Allison Shepherd He appeared last Saturday in the program “Esto es bacán”, by Willax, which is part of the program “Sorpréndete”, presented by Gian Piero Díaz and Rossana Fernández Maldonado. At first, Pastor had said that in reality there was a “good work environment”, unlike Gisela Valcárcel’s program.

However, the artist herself and also the wife of Erick Elera has clarified that her appearance was only once and in order to help the most needy people. “It was nice to participate in ‘Esto es Bacán’, just for the sole purpose of helping those who need it most”wrote the television figure in an Instagram post.

What did Allison Pastor say about “This is war”?

“And to all those who write to me, I am still in my rehabilitation stage. I can’t do strong competitions or anything. I am very limited, but it was nice to be there to support, “said the also influencer, who in this way clarified that her break in the program” This is war “is still valid, so she does not rule out returning to that space.

Allison Pastor is on leave in “This is war.” Photo: EEG capture / América TV

In the broadcast of said space, the presenters have thanked Pastor for having attended despite the injury acquired in the program of América Televisión.

Help for a good cause

Allison Pastor has said that the purpose of her presence in “Esto es bacán” is to be able to help Peruvians who need it most.

Allison Pastor was part of several América TV productions. Photo: Capture of America TV

“Thank you for having me, I am happy to be able to support and even more so if it is for a good cause”were the words of the contestant during the edition of Saturday, August 13, the date on which said sequence began.

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