Allan Jesus defends himself and says that Luva de Pedreiro has a millionaire amount to receive

Agent came to speak after accusations

The entrepreneur Allan Jesuswhich provides services to Iran FerreiraO Mason’s Glove, defended himself this Thursday (23) and explained the controversies involving the influencer’s financial situation. In recent days, journalist Léo Dias, from Metrópole, reported that the 20-year-old lived in the interior of Bahia, despite his success on social media, and that he had only R$7,500 in his account.

“About the entire process involving ASJ Consultoria: I hired an audit in which I will be examined. All documentation, contract, receipts and invoices of what was invested. Approximately, in these four months of work, more or less R$ 200 thousand were spent as investment in project expenses and personal expenses of Iran. I hope to have them in hand soon,” she said.

Allan is being heavily criticized for the non-transparency of the influencer’s accounts The agent said he was innocent and revealed the existence of a third account – this being a legal one – in which Iran Ferreira would have access to the values ​​of commercial agreements.

“Iran has two individual accounts and is aware of a third corporate account in which he is a partner. This account was created this year. All our contracts have this account for receipt so that all transparency is possible. This account has not received any receipts.” revealed Allan.

“Before our company was opened and we had a legal account, when I started working with Iran, he had made an informal agreement with an agency in which he had to deliver some videos on TikTok promoting a championship. I had to take it, keep his word. This amount was paid: R$ 20 thousand reais. As we still didn’t have the company, I had to issue an invoice and the amount was deposited in the ASJ Consultoria account”, he concluded.

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