Alessia Rovegno explains why she said “global isolation” at Miss Peru 2022: “I got confused” | Jessica Newton | This is war | love and fire | entertainment

After winning the Miss Peru 2022, alessia rovegno received a wave of criticism for his speech about cyberbullying. This Friday, June 17, the young woman appeared in “love and fire” to comment on how it feels to have won the coveted crown and, during the interview, the singer accepted her lack of oratory skills.

This Tuesday, June 14, Alessia Rovegno was present at “This is war” to compete for the crown of Miss Peru 2022 and Johanna San Miguel mentioned the issue of cyberbullying. Upon hearing this word, she said: “We must ‘make people aware’.”


What did Alessia Rovegno say?

Faced with questions from Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre, Alessia Rovegno acknowledged the mistake she made when responding to the aforementioned topic and stated that she was confused by nerves in front of the cameras.

“It is true and I have people who have been victims of bullying. Being a victim isolates you from the world, makes you a more introverted person and that was the message. I got confused, the nerves did not help me at all, “explained the also singer.

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What was Alessia Rovegno’s speech?

“I believe that any type of bullying is unacceptable and we must make people aware of the damage that you do to someone who is a victim of bullying. I think that social networks are being used to criticize and attack. We are not aware of the damage it can cause to people, depression, anxiety, global isolation, ”she said at the beginning.

“It is an issue (to) that has to be given a lot of emphasis and a lot of importance in education. And no, it’s very important. The change is in oneself and let’s make the change now”, she concluded, a little shaken.

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