Alejandra Guzmán explodes, a fan gropes her in the palenque

Alejandra Guzmán explodes, a fan gropes her in the palenque | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL

Alejandra Guzmán explodes, fan gropes her in the palenque. In the last few hours, she began to circulate a video on the TikTok platform where she places the famous “Queen of Hearts” in the eye of the hurricane, after a fan of hers made her have an unpleasant time.

The daughter of the first actress Silvia Pinal was singing the song “Diablo” and playing the tambourine, so Alejandra Guzman 54-year-old had his hands full when suddenly, in the palenqueit is observed that a woman manages to circumvent the security of the venue and goes on stage.

Realizing this action, the clip shows that the singer takes a few steps back to avoid any mishaps, although she tries to continue with the Show; At that moment the woman hugs her, but suddenly things take an unexpected turn and drive the artist, who is already characterized by having a strong character, out of her wits.

The reason is that the fan not only hugs her, but also takes advantage of the singer’s confidence for later touch her bustwhich puts Guzmán on alert, who managed to prevent the follower from giving her a kiss in the mouth.

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It was until then that the security personnel intervened and managed to separate the young woman from Frida Sofía’s mother. Once safe, the interpreter of “Making love with another” realizes the assault that he has just suffered and stops singing, so he walks around the stage to face the woman.

By that time it is already observed quite annoying and from the stage it can be seen that she yells something at the woman who attacked her, then explodes and choose throw the tambourine that he carried in his hand; in the clip of her it is indistinguishable from her if he managed to hit her with the instrument, but it seems not. The video shared by the user @reymoon37 immediately became a trend on social networks.

The singer’s followers, as well as TikTok users, did not hesitate to support Alejandra Guzman through messages: “You go to a concert to see the artist’s work, that does not give the fan any right to carry out such disrespect”, “You can see all the bad intentions of the girl, raise your hand and try to kiss her”.


“She had every right to react as she wanted”, “It was intentional and her reaction is justified”, “No one has the right to grope us, whether you are an artist or not., she has her right to defend herself” and “How did she go unintentionally? Her hand came straight in and I never take it off”.

However, other users regretted that Ale threw the musical instrument at him after his team had already done what was necessary. So far, the interpreter of “Eternally beautiful” has not commented nothing about this unpleasant moment.

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