Aldo Miyashiro returns to “La banda del Chino”: “I’m trying to repair the damage I did to my family” | Fiorella Retiz | America TV mdga | shows

After several weeks out of public view, Aldo Miyashiro returned to host “La banda del Chino”, an emblematic entertainment program on América TV. After Magaly Medina’s ampay met, characters from the entertainment world made decisions for the sake of emotional well-being. One of them was the actor, who in his recent appearance on the open signal channel said that he is “trying to repair the damage” that he did to his family.

“It’s what I’m going to continue doing, I think as long as I’m alive, but I have to work, I have to go out like any of you and I hope we can accompany each other,” were the driver’s words to his audience.

In his return message, Miyashiro took the opportunity to thank his viewers for the words of encouragement they gave him, in addition to expressing gratitude to his colleagues on the program for having supported him during this period that has been very complicated for him due to the consequences that he has had. had to assume in his personal life because of his actions.

Likewise, the actor was clear in pointing out that it will be the last time he is going to talk about this painful matter for his family and asked the public for the greatest understanding for the decision he has made on the subject.

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