Alcest returns to Chile with a concert in March

A new one is confirmed concert For our country, the French post metal band Alcest will be in these parts in 2023: March 31 at Club Blondie is the date, where they will be presenting their latest album “Spiritual Instinct” from 2019.

The invited band is Mourners Lament, from Viña del Mar. Tickets are available online

Alcest was formed in 1999 in France, first as a black metal band and later turning towards currents more linked to post metal and shoegaze, which is what has characterized them until today.

The last time they were in Chile was in 2018, promoting their 2016 album “Kodama”. On that occasion, its founder, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stéphane “Neige” Paut spoke with Radio Futuro. And among other things, he commented on the importance of spirituality in all the work they do.

“It’s actually the reason I created this project,” Neige said. “I am not a religious person, I consider myself a very spiritual person. There is a big difference between the two things. To be spiritual is to ask questions about life and death, the possibility of the existence of a god… and on the other, the religious, which has nothing to do with it”.

“When I was younger I was exposed to visions about other worlds, so to speak. I could not explain it well, but it was something beautiful, luminous and indescribable. I thought music would be the best way to express it. That is the concept of Alcest: to express how I feel with one foot in the earthly world and one in the spirit world,” he added.

He also reflected on what his career had been up to that point: “It’s really crazy how time has passed, even though we’re still a bit short of 20 (laughs). The first album was very important to me, I think it’s the key for any band when they release their first album, it’s always a good memory. Also when we started playing live, it was a tremendous step forward. And all the tours we’ve done around the world, they all mean something special. We have discovered incredible people, incredible countries, incredible cultures, it is always a journey in every sense of the word. Those discoveries are the most beautiful.”


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